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Tutorials and Presentations at DVCon 2014

Doulos CTO John Aynsley will be speaking at the following tutorials at
DVCon 2014 on Monday March 3rd.

  • UVM – What’s Now and What’s Next - The presenters will share their experiences on both pragmatic topics that can be applied on UVM 1.1 and advanced topics for the next update of the standard.

  • Case Studies in SystemC - In this tutorial, hands-on users and tool developers share their recent experience and describe advanced methodologies that have helped them achieve significant benefits. A few of the most useful features introduced with SystemC 2.3.0 will be presented with code examples that you can take away and start to use for yourself.

On Tuesday March 4th, check out John's Easier UVM presentation: Easier UVM - Coding Guidelines and Code Generation. He will introduce the comprehensive set of coding guidelines for the use of UVM and an open-source UVM code generation tool that automatically generates the boilerplate UVM code for a project according to these guidelines.

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