Wednesday 18 October 2017

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Thank you for visiting Doulos at DAC 2017!

We hope you are enjoying the rapidly expanding virtual world out there with your EDA Playground Cardboard VR viewer from the Doulos booth?

On this page you'll find:

Interested in EDA Playground

EDA Playground Logo EDA Playground gives engineers immediate hands-on access to simulating small amounts of SystemVerilog, Verilog, VHDL, C++, SystemC and other HDLs to create small prototypes and examples. All you need is a web browser!

The goal is to accelerate learning of design and test-bench development with easier code sharing and with simple access to EDA tools and libraries (including solutions from Synopsys®, Cadence® and Aldec®).

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About Doulos

Doulos logoDoulos has set the industry standard for developing and delivering high quality training and knowhow in electronic system design and verification since 1991, covering languages and methodologies for system, hardware, and embedded software designers.

The essential choice for more than 3000 companies across over 60 countries, Doulos provides scheduled classes across North America, Europe and India, and delivers on-site, team-based training and interactive online training and webinars worldwide.

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Doulos is dedicated to providing engineers with useful technical
information, models, guidelines, tips and downloads.

Check out these 3D videos and games on YouTube for your VR viewer

Setting up your EDA Playground VR viewer

To set-up your EDA Playground Cardboard VR viewer, firstly follow the instructions on the sleeve to assemble. Then download Google Cardboard apps to your smartphone either from the App store for iOS or Google Play for Android. Or alternatively you can download the YouTube app where you will find many GoogleCard board experiences available - we've listed a few for you above.

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