Friday 7 August 2020

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Python for IoT Edge Devices

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Webinar Overview:

Python LogoAs embedded devices continue to evolve with an ever increasing range of challenges, having an easy to use programming language like Python, with a rich set of existing modules available, and useful development tools can be absolutely invaluable - improving productivity, effectiveness and time-to-market of your connected products.

In this webinar:

You will learn how to use Python for IoT Edge Device applications, including the use of Python to access input & output (IO) devices, edge device to cloud-connectivity, local storage of edge parameters and hosting of a machine learning model.

Webinar highlights:

  • Python as multi-purpose language
  • Accessing IO devices using Python
  • Storing edge data
  • Edge device to cloud connectivity 
  • Executing machine learning models using Python
  • Edge device Python code development using an IDE  

The content of the webinar will be demonstrated using the Torizon Open-Source Software Platform from Toradex.

John Aynsley John AynsleyDoulos Member Technical Staff, Rahul Dubey, and Toradex Senior Software Engineer, Valter Minute will present this training webinar, which will consist of a one-hour session with interactive Q&A participation from attendees.

Attendance is free of charge. Register Below.

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