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Coronavirus Update, July 2020:
Live Online & In-Person Training from July 2020 Find out more »
Official Doulos Communique: Coronavirus Update, March 2020:
A message from Robert Hurley, Doulos CEO Find out more »
Announcing Embedded Security Training for C and C++ Developers
May 2019:

In response to significant demand from the embedded engineering community, Doulos is pleased to announce this new 2-day class tackling the essential security requirements of connected embedded systems. Find out more »
Doulos publishes enhanced Deep Learning course
May 2019:

Doulos is pleased to announce a significant update to its popular Practical Deep Learning course, providing the very latest KnowHow for those implementing the rapidly evolving range of applications that require deep learning solutions. Find out more »
Doulos addresses the challenging and exciting new domain of Deep Learning
February, 2018:

Doulos is pleased to announce with immediate availability a detailed intensive 5 day hands-on training on Deep Learning for implementers and practitioners. Find out more »
Doulos welcomes Electra IC as Certified Training Partner in Turkey
September, 2017:

Doulos is pleased to announce extended capability of training provision in Turkey by collaborating with experienced Design & Verification service provider Electra IC. Find out more »
Doulos provides training support for newly announced Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33 processors from ARM
October, 2016:

Doulos, ARM® Approved Training Center since 2002, has moved quickly to offer content in its industry leading training capability for IoT application developers targeting ARM's Cortex®-M Series microcontrollers now ubiquitous in a multitude of applications. Find out more »
Doulos expands its portfolio of software training courses to meet growing demand for embedded systems development.
June, 2016:

Doulos' growing portfolio of software development courses enables embedded systems developers to more rapidly develop secure products based upon a defensive programming methodology while reducing development time by utilizing object oriented coding techniques. Find out more »
Doulos Embedded expands training portfolio in Europe,
February, 2016:

Doulos is pleased to announce an extensive range of embedded training courses available online and at locations across Europe and the US. The new portfolio delivers project ready skills in Embedded C, Linux, Yocto and Security. Find out more »

EDA Playground adds Synopsys VCS support to serve its growing user base,
June 8th, 2015:

Following its acquisition of EDA Playground earlier this year, Doulos is pleased to announce extended support for its growing community of users worldwide with the addition of the Synopsys VCS® Functional Verification Solution. Find out more »

Doulos Embedded partners with MathEmbedded to provide specialist Embedded Security Training, February 24th, 2015:
Doulos and MathEmbedded are pleased to announce a global initiative to develop and deploy specialist security training programs for embedded systems developers. Find out more »

Doulos announces New Embedded Division, September 16, 2014:
Doulos is delighted to announce the establishment of Doulos Embedded, a new division to develop and deliver knowhow to teams of embedded software developers worldwide. Find out more »

Doulos Inc. introduces ARM Accredited MCU Engineer (AAME) program at the CASPA High Tech Job Fair in Silicon Valley, May 14, 2014:
Doulos presented the "Kick Start to the ARM Cortex Processor Family" training seminar at the CASPA High Tech Job Fair, in preparation for the Doulos provided ARM Cortex-M3/M4 Software Design AAME training class in San Jose. Find out more »

Leading-edge training for technology businesses using Xilinx All Programmable devices, March 25, 2014:
Doulos is delighted to introduce Live Online Instructor-Led Training providing full-scope programs for Xilinx® Vivado® adoption and unique ARM® training for the Zynq® All Programmable SoC. Find out more »

Doulos announces significant revision and updates to its established SystemVerilog portfolio at DVCon San Jose, Feb 25, 2013:
This upgrade includes 2 new courses and important enhancements to existing training. Find out more »

Doulos provides support for ARM Accredited Engineer Program, Oct 30, 2012:
Following the announcement by ARM of the Accredited Engineer (AAE) Program, providing global certification to engineers wishing to gain credible evidence of their expertise in ARM architecture, Doulos is pleased to introduce a unique package of training and support resources. Find out more »

Doulos provides unique in-depth support for ZYNQ the ARM based All Programmable SoC from Xilinx, Oct 30, 2012:
Doulos is pleased to announce the availability of ARM Cortex-A9 for Zynq System Design, a 3 day intensive training program for teams engaging with this exciting product from Xilinx. Find out more »

Best in class training now in Bangalore, June 13, 2012:
Doulos is pleased to announce that, starting this August, a schedule of leading edge professional training classes will be offered in Bangalore from its extensive and renowned portfolio. Find out more »

Technical Excellence Award for Doulos CTO, February 27, 2012:
Doulos CTO, John Aynsley, is the first recipient of the Accellera Systems Initiative Technical Excellence Award recognising the outstanding achievements John has made to SystemC's standardisation. Find out more »

Doulos announces training programs for India, June 23, 2011:
Doulos is pleased to announce the availability of its corporate training programs across India. Addressing all the key subjects and skills required to enable teams to be fully proficient and productive in VLSI and Embedded System design, Doulos will provide training programs tuned to the needs of teams in the Indian market. Find out more »

Doulos joins industry in welcoming release of UVM1.0 standard, February 21
This significant advance is creating considerable interest within the advanced verification community. It's an exciting development and Doulos is ready to actively support its adoption.

Doulos brings system-on-chip and field programmable gate array design and verification expertise to Xilinx customers in North America - April 22, 2010:
Doulos is now an Authorized Training Provider for Xilinx, delivering leading edge FPGA technology training in California. Find out more »

Doulos & Feabhas announce global partnership in Embedded Software training, April 21, 2010 Ringwood and Hungerford, UK:
Two industry leaders in training join forces across the spectrum of systems, hardware and software design to deliver integrated training programs for System-on-Chip. Find out more »

Doulos Announces 'Get Smart' Training for Actel's SmartFusion; Mixed Signal FPGAs - Nuremberg, Germany, March 2, 2010:
Doulos announces training support for Actel Corporation's (NASDAQ: ACTL) new SmartFusion mixed signal FPGAs and Libero® 9.0 Integrated Design Environment (IDE) and development environment. Find out more »

OVM 2.0 Golden Reference Guide Launched By Doulos -Ringwood, UK, October 6, 2008:
Doulos adds value to its OVM Adopter Class training, and re-inforces its reputation for up-to-the-minute training development, with the release of the OVM Golden Reference Guide. Find out more »

Doulos and CoWare Expand Collaboration - June 4 2008:
Engineers can now experience the benefit of Doulos training classes in ARM processor architecture and embedded system design using standards-based SystemC virtual platforms created within CoWare's ESL 2.0 solution for platform architecture design - including classroom access to CoWare Platform Architect and the breadth of ARM IP models available in the CoWare Model Library. Find out more »

Doulos announces OVM Adopter Class - September 10 2007:
Hot on the heels of last month's Open SystemVerilog Verification Methodology (OVM) announcement by Cadence and Mentor Graphics, Doulos has already moved to address the high level of interest in OVM from the verification community with an important announcement of its own. Find out more »

ARM appoints Doulos as an Approved Training Partner in North America - June 4 2007:
A long-standing and successful training partner in Europe for ARM for a number of years, Doulos adds availability of its Modular ARM System Design training concept to its broader portfolio in the USA. Find out more »

Doulos extends SystemVerilog methodology training with Cadence - June 4 2007:
Training based on Incisive® Plan-to-Closure Methodology enabled by Cadence Verification Alliance Program. Find out more »

Doulos announce new AVM Adopter training course under Mentor Vanguard program - June 4 2007:
New 2 day intensive class enables fast AVM ramp-up. Find out more »

Doulos announces new VMM Adopter training - June 4 2007:
Based on the Synopsys-ARM Verification Methodology Manual (VMM) for SystemVerilog, this advanced workshop forms part of a broader spectrum of training and support options within the Doulos 2007 verification portfolio offered under the banner SystemVerilog Out of the Box™. Find out more »

Solutions Workshops at DAC 2006 set to repeat 2005 'sold-out' success - July 2006:
Doulos has again joined forces with a number of leading EDA vendors to create a series of 4 fast-paced, high-value technical sessions. Find out more »

New Doulos Partner Course to address SoC design community needs - 6th March 2006:
Doulos and ARM release new partner training: 'ARM SoC Modelling using RealView SoC Designer'. Find out more »

Summit Design Welcomes Doulos To Its Growing ESL And Embedded Systems Training Program - 22nd February 2006:
Doulos brings global reach and industry recognised SystemC expertise to Summit's recently launched training program. Find out more »

Doulos makes strategic US appointment - 9th January 2006:
Doulos celebrates 15th birthday with the appointment of John Molyneux as President of US Operations, and establishes US headquarters in the Silicon Valley. Find out more »

Doulos announces an industry first in SystemVerilog training - 12 September 2005:
The first dedicated public training class to offer a one-stop solution for new SystemVerilog users and evaluators. Find out more »

Atrenta & Doulos Partner To Help Electronic Developers Accelerate SystemC Deployment - 14 June 2005:
Predictive analysis from Atrenta & training by Doulos provide integrated, best-in-class solutions for faster, easier SystemC adoption. Find out more »

OSCI Officially Releases the SystemC 2.1 LRM to the IEEE - 13 June 2005:
The 'significant contribution' of Doulos SystemC experts to the writing of the LRM is recognised by OSCI chariman Alain Clouard. Find out more »

Doulos announce New Advanced SystemC training options - 7 February 2005:
New Expert SystemC Modelling and Verification courses released. Find out more »

NEC Electronics Europe to sponsor Doulos ARM SoC Design Workshop - 8 October 2004:
The first 10 applicants for the November 2004 workshop will each receive a free SoCLite development board worth 1000 as a gift. Find out more »

Xilinx appoint Doulos as Authorised Training Partner for UK and Ireland - 20 August 2004:
Under a new agreement, Doulos will cover the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland for Xilinx training programs. Find out more »

New application-focused course delivers Doulos SystemC training in the context of CoWare ConvergenSC - 7 June 2004:
Doulos develop SystemC training for CoWare tool users in Europe. Find out more »

Doulos and Synopsys partner to deliver first SystemVerilog training in Europe based on VCS - 16 February 2004.:
New Course Delivers Hands-on Experience with SystemVerilog Design and Verification Features. Find out more »

Doulos unveils latest support for Assertion-Based Verification - 16 February 2004:
Doulos expands portfolio of verification training options by releasing Assertion-based Verification training course. Find out more »

Doulos and ARM deliver new course for PrimeXSys platform verification - 3 September 2003:
New course enables Partners to accelerate the creation and delivery of ARM Powered® devices. Find out more »

Doulos Announce Project-ready Training for e Verification Language - 30 May 2003:
Comprehensive e brings a one-stop shop training option to the market for e based verification methodology, and Verisity's Specman EliteTM tool. Find out more »

Doulos Add Support for SystemC Verification Library (SCV) to SystemC Portfolio - 30 May 2003:
Verification Using SCV joins 3 other distinct modules within the Doulos SystemC portfolio to enable engineers to verify designs at a higher level of abstraction. Find out more »

Doulos Announce PSL/Sugar Hands-on Verification Training - 30 May 2003:
Doulos has announced the availability of the industry's first training in assertion based verification techniques, using the new property specification language PSL/Sugar from the standards body, Accellera. Find out more »

Doulos Announce SystemVerilog v3.1 Support To Aid Evaluators - 30 May 2003:
Doulos unveil both training and reference support for engineers evaluating SystemVerilog 3.1 at the DAC exhibition, USA. Find out more »

Doulos release SystemVerilog Golden Reference Guide - March 4 2003:
The latest in the handy reference series covers the evolving SystemVerilog language. Find out more »

ARM appoint Doulos Central Europe as an Approved Training Centre - March 4 2003:
Doulos Central Europe office in Hanover, Germany is appointed an ARM Approved Training Centre. Find out more »

Doulos release e Golden Reference Guide - March 3 2003:
The popular Golden Reference Guide series is extended to include the e verification language. Find out more »

Doulos opens direct operation in Germany - September 16 2002:
To cater for the expanding Central European market, Doulos opens direct operation based in Hanover. Find out more »

Doulos expands System Level Design training portfolio - August 13 2002:
Customer demand for training drives course development partnership with Celoxica. Find out more »

Doulos release SystemC Golden Reference Guide - May 24 2002:
The perfect companion for SystemC users and evaluators is available to purchase now. Find out more »

Full support for Synopsys CoCentric® family of tools on SystemC course - 5 March 2002:
Hardware and system designers can now learn SystemC in the context of Synopsys CoCentric System Studio and Cocentric SystemC Compiler. Find out more »

Doulos launch Modular SystemC course - 5 March 2002:
New Doulos Modular SystemC course caters for hardware and system designers' SystemC training requirements. Find out more »

Doulos present SystemC based tutorial at D*A*TE 2002 - 7 January 2002:
Entitled "SystemC for hardware / software co-development in configurable platform-based designs" the abstract in full can be viewed here. Find out more »

Doulos launch new Fast-track Pricing Packages for UK Courses - 7 January 2002:
Doulos, Europe's first choice for independent HDL training and project services, has introduced a series of special pricing packages. Find out more »

Doulos launch Essential Tcl/Tk course - 21 December 2002:
Expanding their range of hardware design environment training courses Doulos announce the launch of Essential Tcl/Tk for Hardware Engineers. Find out more »

Comprehensive SystemC now entirely v2.0 consistent - 22 October 2001:
Accessible to both systems and hardware designers, Comprehensive SystemC has been extensively revised to be entirely consistent with SystemC v2.0. Find out more »

Doulos releases Essential Perl course - 12 October 2001:
Already Europe's first choice for VHDL, Verilog® and SystemC expertise, Doulos has expanded its design environment know-how to encompass Perl for hardware design. Find out more »

Doulos announces new Expert Verilog course - 24 September 2001:
Doulos have expanded their range of HDL courses to include Expert Verilog, designed as the natural successor to their industry standard Comprehensive Verilog course. Find out more »

Doulos announces new Digital Design Techniques course - 3 September 2001:
Doulos have signalled the expansion of their VHDL, Verilog and SystemC training portfolio, with the announcement of a new design environment course. Find out more »

SystemC v2.0 support added to Doulos SystemC course - 23 May 2001:
Doulos is pleased to announce support for the recently released SystemC v 2.0 specification within our Comprehensive SystemC course. Find out more »

Doulos announces new Comprehensive SystemC course - 20 March 2001:
Doulos, known for their comprehensive range of VHDL and Verilog® training and project services, announce the first Europe wide course schedule for SystemC training. Find out more »

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