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Doulos Data Protection Policy

The personal data we collect, process or use is treated securely and in accordance with Doulos' privacy policy, described below. Whenever you give us personal data, you are consenting to its collection and use in accordance with this policy.

What personal data do we collect?


The Doulos website collects tracking information which allows us to see how people are using the site and make improvements. All tracking information is stored by Doulos and is not collected by, or released to, third parties.

If you do not wish to be tracked by our site, you may opt out here. Our software also respects the 'Do not Track' headers that most modern browsers provide, and will not track you if these are set. You can also stop tracking by disabling Javascript (although some areas of the site will be degraded in this case).


Cookies are used for your convenience when downloading content from the website. Your country and email address are stored in the cookie so that you do not need to enter this information more than once. You do not need to keep the cookie permanently, however it will need to be present, at least temporarily, to allow the download.

Cookies are also required to make a purchase from the webshop, however these only last for the duration of your visit.

Form data

You will be asked for contact information if you subscribe for a webinar or email newsletter, enquire about any of our courses, or download some of the free resources from our website.

Your details are stored securely and are only used in appropriate communications as detailed below.

How do we use your personal data?

Where appropriate, we use your personal data:

  • to provide you with information about our relevant training services
  • for basic profiling purposes;
  • to let you know about other services in which you may be interested;
  • to inform you about changes and improvements to this website.

We will only use this data to send you further information on our products and services in accordance with your indicated marketing preferences. We may contact you by post, email or telephone for these purposes.

Opt-Out Policy

You may chose to unsubscribe from any of our email notification services at any time. Before you opt-out, keep in mind that Doulos strives to minimize the number of notices emailed to approximately 5 per month (and these include course schedule announcements and webinar invitations). You may miss out on important invitations if you choose to opt-out from all Doulos mailings.

Please contact your local team if you would prefer to limit the emails you receive in some way rather than opt-out.

Information Sharing

We do not sell, rent, or otherwise provide personally identifiable information to third parties without your consent, except where it is necessary to carry out your instructions (to process your payment information, for example), or by court order, or to forward your information to our training partners such that you are allowed to attend a course at their facilities, access their tool licenses or use their training materials.

You may change your preferences at any time by contacting us at

Web hosting providers

Cloudflare manage and secure the trafic to some of the Doulos websites. They will log access in accordance with their security policy, and share aggregated data with us.


Selected pages on this site contain embedded YouTube videos, which will enable Google to collect information about your activity on those pages in accordance with their privacy policy. We use a privacy-enhanced link so that Google do not store cookies until you play the video.

Payment Processing

Paypal manage our payment processing in accordance with their privacy policy (UK | US). No data is shared with PayPal until you click on a payment link in the webshop or booking area of myDoulos.


This site contains links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of these and you should read their own privacy policies. The policy described here, applies only to personal data collected by Doulos.

Inaccuracies and corrections

We endeavour to keep your personal data accurate and up to date. If you become aware of errors or inaccuracies, please email

Changes to this policy

The Doulos privacy policy may change at any time, so you may wish to check it each time you visit our website.

We will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Policy without your explicit consent.

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