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Arm Architecture Fundamentals

Course Length: 1 day

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This course is designed to provide hardware and software engineers, that are new to Arm processors, with the essential basic information they will need to be aware of to start Arm-based designs. It can also be useful to non-technical staff who require a basic understanding of Arm technology.


  • A basic understanding of microprocessors or microcontrollers.
  • A basic understanding of digital logic or ASIC design issues would be useful, but not essential.
  • A basic understanding of assembler or C programming would be useful, but not essential.
  • No prior knowledge of the Arm processor is assumed.

Training materials

The training materials for this class are based on Arm's own material.

Structure and Content

  • Introduction to Arm Ltd
  • The Arm Architecture
    • Introduction
    • Programmer's Model
    • Instruction Sets
  • Arm Processor Cores
    • Arm Architecture v4 Cores
    • Arm Architecture v5 Cores
    • Arm Architecture v6 Cores
    • Arm Architecture v7-A/R Cores
    • Arm Architecture v6-M, v7-M Cores
    • Other Processors
  • Arm System Design
    • AMBA
    • Debug and Trace
  • Writing Software for Arm Processors
    • Intro to RealView Development Suite
    • Exception Handling
    • Embedded Software Development
    • Development Platforms

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