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Arm and Embedded Software Training

Doulos Embedded LogoDoulos Embedded provides specialist technical training in the rapidly developing embedded systems market. Our in-depth and practical solutions are designed to meet the challenge of increasing levels of complexity in the embedded systems software and hardware market, and R&D costs.

Best-in-Class Embedded Software training

The highly experienced Doulos Embedded team have the knowledge and skills, gained from the international semiconductor industry, to deliver the right training and support for you and your organisation, including the embedded software training needs of teams developing Arm based systems.
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Unique Training

Doulos training is unique in that it includes extensive hands-on labs covering all aspects of the design process. Doulos delegates therefore benefit from a complete learning experience which enables them to test, troubleshoot and consolidate their knowledge before returning to their design teams.

Embedded C Training

c and cppC Programming for Embedded Systems teaches the application of the C programming language in the context of embedded systems. As well as giving delegates a full grounding in the C programming language, this course explains to delegates how to program a modern embedded microcontroller using real-time development tools.

View the C Programming for Embedded Systems course description (4 Days) »

Embedded C++ Training

C++ Programming for Embedded Systems teaches the C++ programming language in the context of real-time and embedded systems. It highlights the resource and performance implications of using key C++ features and programming styles. As well as giving delegates an in-depth understanding of the C++ programming language, this course provides practical experience of programming a modern embedded microcontroller using real-time development tools.

View the C++ Programming for Embedded Systems course description (5 Days) »

Embedded System Security for C/C++ Developers

Please see the section on Security below »

Embedded Linux Training

Linux is now being widely used as a development platform, and as the operating system for embedded systems - driven by the increasing complexity of devices and the greater requirement for connectivity & multimedia. Doulos provides a full range of Linux courses, from fundamental training for those just getting started, through to the development of Linux based products, developing device drivers and managing Linux distributions.

Linux Fundamentals

This training provides a thorough introduction to using Linux from the command line. All the essential shell and basic operating system commands are taught, enabling you to start to utilise the power of the Linux operating system.

View the Linux Fundamentals course description (2 Days) »

Developing with Embedded Linux

This course provides an overview of what an embedded Linux system is compromised of and provides practical information about how to work with each of the components.

View the Developing with Embedded Linux course description (4 Days) »

Online Training

Developing with Embedded Linux is also available as Live Online Training
Find out more about Developing with Embedded Linux (Online) »

Device Driver Training NEW COURSE AVAILABLE

The ever-growing demand for connectivity and multimedia applications is resulting in embedded Linux systems driving increasingly complex devices. Developing custom device drivers for the Linux kernel can be a complex and difficult task, with an array of implementation choices available.

If you need Linux Device Driver Training, check out the new dedicated 4 day: Practical Embedded Linux Device Drivers course, which provides the practical skills and knowledge required to work with the Linux kernel in this environment.

Yocto Training

YoctoYocto is increasingly being used by SoC and target board manufacturers to provide reference Linux distributions for their platforms. As such it is also becoming the standard approach for companies who use Linux on their products to create and maintain a Linux development environment for their customers as well as their internal development teams.

The following training course from Doulos Embedded is designed to help you maximise your effectiveness in using Yocto to complete projects on time and in budget.

Yocto Diagram
Find out more about the Yocto training from Doulos Embedded using the link below:

Designing Embedded Systems with Yocto (3 Days) »
This course has been designed to help you understand Yocto to manage key components of a distribution: toolchain, bootloaders, kernel, packages. You will learn how to use Yocto based toolchain and tools to develop, debug and test software in a system and application environment, as well as how to use Yocto to customise and maintain a distribution and toolchain for multiple boards.

Online Training

Designing Embedded Systems with Yocto is also available as Live Online Training
Find out more about Designing Embedded Systems with Yocto (Online) »

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To discuss your specific team training requirements or to find out more about Yocto Training from Doulos Embedded call us on +44 (0)1425 471223 or email

Yocto Doulos Embedded is a registered Yocto Project participant. The Yocto Project is an open source industry collaboration project that provides templates, tools and methods to help you create custom Linux-based systems for embedded products regardless of the hardware architecture. Find out more »

Security Training

SecurityUnderstanding and managing all aspects of system security design in the ‘well connected world’ is of fundamental concern. For many developers and manufacturers, and particularly those that previously didn’t need to consider security in product design, this will require changes in how they bring products to the marketplace and also manage them once there.

Embedded Linux Security

In partnership with Embedded Security Consultants MathEmbedded, Doulos Embedded provides Comprehensive Embedded Linux Security training, which comprises the essential aspects of Embedded Linux Security Hardening, Sandboxes and Application Security in a practical 5 day course.

View the full course details »

Embedded System Security for C/C++ Developers NEW COURSE

This training is designed to provide awareness of the security issues affecting microcontroller-based embedded systems and teaches approaches to protect against them. Since many of these systems are developed using C or C++, it looks at how the code should be written to avoid security vulnerabilities. It also considers alternative hardware-based solutions to ensure secure booting, data communication and updates for the embedded software application. View full agenda »

Arm Microcontroller Security with TrustZone-M NEW COURSE

With the ever increasing range of applications for Arm® microcontrollers, from simple environmental monitors, through to automotive components and complex consumer appliances, the issue of security when developing these devices has never been so crucial.

This course covers the security aspects of software design in Arm's latest v8-M processors (including the Cortex®-M23 and Cortex-M33) that utilize TrustZone v8-M Security Extensions. View full agenda »

More information
To discuss your specific team training requirements or to find out more about Secure Embedded Training from Doulos Embedded call us on +44 (0)1425 471223 or email

RTOS Training

SecurityReal-Time Operating Systems (RTOSes), for embedded microprocessors or controllers, have the ability to immediately respond in a predetermined and predictable way to external events. So they must meet strict deadline constraints and handle different aspects of the application successfully.

In partnership with embedded experts AC6, Doulos Embedded's FreeRTOS Real-Time Programming training provides the knowledge and skills needed to develop and maintain applications running in a Real-Time environment (using the de facto and freely available standard RTOS for microcontrollers).

View the full course details » or call us on +44 (0)1425 471223 find out more.

Arm Approved Training

Arm ATPAn Arm Approved Training Partner since 2002, Doulos delivers Arm architecture training in the context of SoC design as well as Arm processor based micro-controllers.
Doulos is the only Arm Approved Training Partner in the SoC design and verification space with a full scope supporting training portfolio covering system, hardware and embedded software design... and the only Arm service partner with a fully independent background in the EDA industry.

Comprehensive training for all Arm processors

The Doulos Arm portfolio includes: Cortex®-M0 (SoC / Software) / M0+ (SoC / Software / System Design) / M1 (FPGA design) / M3 & M4 (SoC / Software), M7 (SoC / Software), M23 (Software), M33 (Software), R4 (SoC / Software) / R5 (SoC / Software) / A5 and A5 MPCore (SoC / Software) / A7 and A7 MPCore (SoC / Software) / A8 (SoC / Software) / A9 and A9 MPCore (SoC / Software) / A15 and A15 MPCore (SoC / Software) / A17 MPCore (Software) / A53 and A53 MPCore (Software) / A57 and A57 MPCore (Software) / A72 MPCore (Software) processors. For engineers new to Arm-based designs, Arm Architecture Fundamentals provides the essentials for getting started.

Project-ready training for product development based on platforms incorporating Arm® microcontroller IP

Developing with Arm Cortex-M is Doulos' most popular course designed for engineers developing software for platforms based around the Arm Cortex-M Series processors M0/M0+ M3 M4 and M7 and is available as face-to-face and live online training.

NEW Training in the next generation of Cortex-M processors with TrustZone® technology

Doulos also provides training in microcontrollers utilising the the latest v8-M architecture, including the Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33.

Check out videos, tutorials and other great resources for Arm based design in the Arm section of Doulos KnowHow »

In-depth support for the Xilinx SoCs

Zynq logoAs both a global Arm Approved Training Partner and a Xilinx Approved Training Partner, Doulos is uniquely placed to provide the most complete training solutions for engineers getting to grips with Zynq, the Arm-based SoC from Xilinx.

Get in touch with Doulos now to discuss your requirements and get ahead of the game.

Also now available, support from Doulos and its partners for the Arm-based SoC FPGA from Altera.

Arm ATPEndorsed by Arm and its partners

Chris Shore, Arm Worldwide Training Manager, Cambridge, says:
"Doulos has developed into one of our most important and highly respected world wide Arm training partners. As a professional training company Doulos has always been able to deliver additional value to our technical training material."

Chosen by Arm's customers

Illustrating our lead in the provision of high quality Arm know-how, Doulos has delivered Arm training in more than 50% of the world's top ten semiconductor companies, plus Arm customers in a whole range of application spaces.

Optimal Solutions

In addition to the published Arm portfolio, Doulos is able to access and deliver training material across a wide range of specialist applications and devices. If you can't see the training module you are interested on our website, please ask to speak to a member of the Arm technical team.

Free Arm and Embedded training resources

KnowHow is the free technical resources section of the Doulos website. A dedicated Arm section has now been added containing useful hints, tips, papers and downloads.


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