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Automating Tool Flows with Tcl

A good working knowledge of Tcl can help you gain greater productivity in using EDA tools for FPGA and ASIC design - as well as our main Tcl/TK course, we also use Tcl extensively in other courses for scripting.

On this page, you'll find links to examples of using Tcl which you can apply in a typical FPGA tool flow.

Xilinx ISE and Tcl

There is a complete explanation and example of using Xilinx® ISE™ with Tcl here It is based on the script we use in our Comprehensive VHDL course, so that when you are on the course you can concentrate on learning VHDL without getting distracted by the tools. Of course it is also important to understand the tools, so we get you to use them by hand as well!

Quartus II and Tcl

The example here shows how you can easily make a Tcl script for Altera Quartus II with very little effort.

Microsemi Libero and Tcl

We've put together an outline of the commands you need to run Microsemi Libero from Tcl here

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