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VHDL PaceMaker

System Requirements - IMPORTANT!


Although VHDL PaceMaker is no longer available as a product, Doulos still provides a free download of the old product as a courtesy to our customers.

Note that VHDL PaceMaker requires a 32-bit version of Windows to run. PaceMaker will not run under a 64-bit version of Windows. For certain versions of Windows, Microsoft do provide a free virtual machine for this purpose under the name Windows XP Mode. If you are running Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate then you can download Windows XP Mode from Microsoft. Doulos has tested Pacemaker in the Windows XP Mode virtual machine, and it works. Windows XP Mode may be obtained from Microsoft at (last time we looked, though the URL might have changed by the time you read this).

Interactive tutorial and reference tool now available for FREE download

VHDL PaceMaker is a self-teach tutorial that gives you a great foundation in the basics of the VHDL language. VHDL PaceMaker is ideally suited to self-paced learning prior to attending full-scope instructor-led VHDL training. This interactive tutorial started life as a CD-based CBT (Computer Based Training) product. It has been used successfully by thousands of engineers over the years in preparation for attending the Doulos Comprehensive VHDL training course, and is still being used for that purpose today.

The full 8 hours of tutorial material is now available for the first time in full as a free download. Well, nobody ships physical CDs these days, right?

As well as serving as an introductory tutorial, VHDL PaceMaker, with its interactive hyperlinks, provides an excellent interactive reference tool for the VHDL designer. It includes a full syntax reference, a glossary of technical terms, and the ability for you to annotate your own notes.


  • Over 300 pages of content
  • Over 70 interactive quizzes
  • Professionally recorded audio commentary
  • Glossary of VHDL terms
  • VHDL syntax reference
  • All content fully hyperlinked and cross-referenced
  • Copy code fragments to the clipboard to use in your own code
  • Annotate your own yellow sticky notes, as many as you want, anywhere on any page
  • Full search function, including both the fixed content and your own notes
  • Mature, time-hardened implementation (it has been around for a while, after all)
  • Runs under any version of Windows (not 64 bit), even antique versions, so dig that old PC out of the attic...
  • ... and, of course, usage instructions and full interactive Help are integrated into the product


  • Welcome
  • Introduction
  • Design Entities
  • Files and Libraries
  • Processes
  • Sequential Statements
  • Types
  • Clocks and Registers
  • Finite State Machines

Previous versions

If you already own VHDL PaceMaker on CD, there is no need to download this new version as the functionality and content remains the same. If you are curious about the differences, for this download we have reduced the audio from CD- to near-CD quality. Using modern audio codecs it still sounds pretty good.


Click here to download VHDL PaceMaker, and get learning. This download really is FREE! All we ask in return is that you recommend your colleagues to visit to check out the great technical content. Or better still, why not enrol on the Comprehensive VHDL training course yourself?

Great training!! Excellent Instructor, Excellent facility ...Met all my expectations.
Henry Hastings
Lockheed Martin

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