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Unveiling the AMD Versal Adaptive SoC AI Engine ONLINE WORKSHOP

Standard Level - 2 sessions (4 hours per session including breaks)

With thanks to AMD for sponsoring this workshop:
It is available to attend FREE OF CHARGE (Usual price $990)

July 25 & 26 2024 - EurAsia - Register now »

July 25 & 26 2024 - Americas -
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The Versal™ adaptive SoC from AMD is multi-featured, offering unprecedented system level performance and integration. 

Join us for an insightful workshop on the Versal AI Engine. Whether you’re a software developer, hardware developer, or system architect, this workshop is designed to deepen your understanding of this cutting-edge technology.

The workshop is designed to maximize individual engagement and learning.  Each attendee is encouraged to informally ask pertinent questions throughout, to actively participate in the learning process. 

Hardware developers and system architects, whether migrating from existing devices or starting out with the Versal adaptive SoC.

The workshop has been created to be accessible by a wide audience with standard technology requirements.

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Delivered across 2 half-day sessions 

  • Versal Adaptive SoC Architecture
    Explore the inner workings of Versal and its seamless integration of hardware and software.
  • Versal AI Engine
    Understand the neural power and parallel processing capabilities that drive Versal’s performance.
  • Memory and Data Movement
    Dive into data flow and memory hierarchies within the Versal ecosystem.
  • Scalar and Vector Data Types
    Discover how scalars and vectors play a crucial role in Versal’s functionality.
  • AI Engine API
    Learn about APIs and custom accelerators for creating your own AI solutions.
  • Window and Streaming Data
    Explore real-time data handling techniques.
  • Single Kernel Programming
    Master the art of programming for Versal.
  • Vector Data Types
    Elevate your code with vector data types.


Please come prepared to actively participate and engage directly with the workshop facilitator.

This workshop is delivered in 2 half-day sessions of interactive training comprising presentations with Q&A.

  • Each session duration is up to 5 hours including breaks 
  • Start times:
    • Europe and Asia Time Zones:
      0830 BST | 0930 CEST | 1300 India (IST)
    • Americas Time Zones:
      0830 PDT | 1030 CDT | 1130 EDT
  • There are no specific hardware requirements for this training please check your connection with GoToWebinar if you have not used it to attend a Doulos event before.

The workshops have kindly been sponsored by AMD, and are available to attend FREE OF CHARGE.

Usual value of this training is $990 / €840 

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