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Doulos Booking Terms & Conditions

Data Protection

Please note that under the terms of Doulos license agreements with tool vendors and third-party courseware providers, Doulos is obliged to disclose contact details (name, email address, and company affiliation) and in certain cases to Doulos Certified Training Instructors that collaborate with Doulos. Please review the Doulos Privacy Policies for further information.

Course Pricing

Course fees include full tuition and course materials in electronic format. The fee charged does not include hotel and travel expenses for any student registered on the course.


  • For Self-Paced and Live Online Training courses, registrants are responsible for providing a computer connected via high-speed (> 5 Mbps) broadband internet services.
  • For Live In-Person Training onsite at your facilities, registrants are responsible for providing a training room suitably equipped with high-speed internet (ideally WiFi) with an aggregate bandwidth of (> 5 Mbps) per student. Travel expenses for the trainer, if quoted, may be invoiced as a separate line item or included in the total amount due for ease of billing and payment.
  • For Live In-Person Training onsite at Doulos or public training facilities, the fees include the items above as well as refreshments & snacks provided within the classroom.

Accepted Forms of Payment

  • Payment by Credit Card: Payment for classes may be done online through major credit cards. If you select this method, Doulos will instruct our credit card processor to send you an invoice payment request.
  • Payment by Purchase Order: Registrations for places on a course will be confirmed by Doulos’ acceptance of your purchase order with net 30-day payment terms and payment via bank transfer.
  • Payment by Doulos Training Tokens: Payment for classes may be made by redeeming Doulos Training Tokens at the value agreed upon within your company’s Doulos Training Token agreement.
  • Payment by AMD Training Credits: Payment for most Doulos courses may be made by redeeming AMD Training Credits. Customers who wish to use AMD Training Credits as partial or full payment for the training course places are responsible for ensuring that sign-off authority by the training credit owner is provided to Doulos for the training credit value before registrations will be accepted.

Course Registration, Deadlines, Cancellations, and Substitutions

  • Course Registrations are only valid when full payment is secured either by (a) a credit card payment receipt, (b) a purchase order accepted by Doulos, (c) written redemption confirmation of Doulos Training Tokens, (d) AMD Training Credit authorization email from AMD or a combination of two or more forms of payment adding up to the total. We encourage you to register early rather than wait for courses to be confirmed to run since this is the only means by which a confirmation decision is possible
  • Registration Deadlines:
  1. For Live Online (virtual) courses, registration with payment commitment must be received no later than ten (10) business days before the start of an unconfirmed class, or no later than three (3) business days for an already confirmed class.
  2. For In-Person (classroom style) courses, registration with payment commitment must be received no later than twenty (20) business days before the mutually agreed upon start date, or no later than three (3) business days for an already confirmed class.
  • Substitutions: If you are unable to attend and a colleague of yours has tested their computer system to be compatible with the Doulos cloud-based lab environment, that colleague may take your place on the course if Doulos is notified no later than two (2) business days before the start of the course. We regret that substitutions are not allowed once the course has begun.
  • Rescheduling of Private Courses: If you must reschedule a private course for any reason, please contact your Doulos Account Executive and send an email copy to (for classes scheduled in the Americas) or (for classes scheduled in all other locations) to notify us of your rescheduling request no later than ten (10) business days before the start of the originally registered course. 100% of the fees you paid toward the originally scheduled course may be transferred over to the newly scheduled course. If the originally registered course was priced with a promotional discount, there is no guarantee that the same promotional discount would be provided to the course you wish to attend.
  • Cancellations: If you must cancel for any reason, please contact your Doulos Account Executive and send an email copy to (for classes scheduled in the Americas) or (for classes scheduled in Europe and elsewhere) to notify us of your cancellation and the reason. EXCEPT FOR CANCELLATIONS BEYOND YOUR REASONABLE CONTROL, REFUNDS WILL ONLY BE ISSUED FOR CANCELLATIONS RECEIVED AT LEAST TEN (10) BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE THE CLASS START DATE. IF PAYMENT WAS BY CREDIT CARD, DOULOS RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHARGE A 3% PROCESSING FEE. Please note that these cancellation terms do not apply to special discounts or promotions that are based on full prepayment. Registrants should refer to the payment terms associated with special promotions at the time of registration.
  • Failing to attend the course: NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED TO STUDENTS THAT FAIL TO ATTEND THE COURSE except for reasons beyond your reasonable control. Changes in engineering project schedules or unexpected business meetings are not considered valid reasons for late cancellation.

Course Confirmation and Cancellation by Doulos

  • Courses will be confirmed when the number of paid registrants on a course cross above a threshold and no later than ten (10) business days before the course starting date.
  • Doulos might need to cancel a course in events beyond our reasonable control. These may include, but are not exclusive to, the sudden illness of a trainer, or an unexpected travel disruption . Doulos will always try and find a solution, such as in these examples a certified substitute trainer or a live online delivery, but this will not always be possible. In the event of a course cancellation by Doulos, Doulos’ liability will not extend beyond the refund of pre-paid course fees.

Travel Arrangements and Fees

You are solely responsible for all travel reservations and related fees since the course fees are not inclusive of any travel-related expenses. Doulos expressly waives all responsibility for travel expenses that may result from arrangements made before the confirmation of a class or afterward, should the class need to be canceled for reasons beyond our reasonable control.

Intellectual Property

Doulos Ltd or their respective owners retain all intellectual property rights, including copyright, patents, design rights, and know-how in the course and course materials. No copying or distribution of materials, including access through shared drives or cloud services, is permitted without written agreement from Doulos Ltd.

Recordings or content reuse

Doulos may record the presentation of a course in video and audio format for quality control and training purposes. If you do not wish to be recorded, please notify your Account Executive before the start of the class.

Audio or video recording of any training class, webinar or public performance presented by Doulos or its subcontractors is strictly prohibited. Use of Doulos training materials to train other unregistered students is strictly prohibited.