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Training to get you RISC-V project-ready

Comprehensive, foundational training courses to develop skills for RISC-V projects

Doulos has proudly enabled innovation in the electronics industry by empowering engineers to get project-ready through our extensive portfolio of technical courses.

With increasing RISC-V adoption across the industry, we want to make it easier for engineers working on RISC-V projects to get access to quality training to help them develop foundational skills and overcome challenges in the delivery of their RISC-V projects.

Doulos training is unique in that it includes extensive hands-on labs covering all aspects of the design process. Doulos course attendees benefit from a complete learning experience that enables them to test, troubleshoot, and consolidate their knowledge before commencing their product development projects.

For RISC-V projects, the recommended Doulos training programs provide essential project-readiness training for different types of applications. Depending on the scope and objectives of the RISC-V project, engineers need to develop skills in different areas such as Hardware Design & Verification, Embedded Software or System Modelling.  

Integrating a third-party RISC-V core or Extending an open source 3rd party RISC-V core:

Since many of the RISC-V cores are designed using SystemVerilog as the Hardware Description Language and come with an integration Verification test suite that will run SystemVerilog & UVM test cases, engineers working on these RISC-V projects will benefit from our SystemVerilog and UVM training.

Our Comprehensive SystemVerilog course provides a complete and integrated training program to fulfil the requirements of design and verification engineers working on RISC-V cores designed using SystemVerilog.

If using formal verification for your RISC-V processors, our courses on Formal Verification can provide you with foundational and advanced principles and procedures to apply on your RISC-V verification projects.

Developing Software on a RISC-V core:

Software developers developing products on RISC-V cores need to be proficient in embedded software skills. Doulos provides best-in-class training in C and C++ for Embedded and Rust, tuned to the context and constraints of embedded applications. We also have introductory and advanced courses in Python and Linux to boost your software skills.

No product development can now progress without full consideration being given to the critical issues surrounding security. The Doulos program includes a uniquely focused and practical course for Embedded System Security for C and C++ Developers covering essential techniques and approaches to address security vulnerabilities as well as the Practical Embedded Linux Security course covering security topics and technologies widely used to help secure Embedded Linux systems.

System Modelling & performance analysis:

Modelling the hardware of a RISC-V based system allows system architects to analyze system performance bottlenecks by generating appropriate scenarios to prove the system has enough resources to deal with demand at the defined system limits before the design is committed to silicon and without the overhead of a cycle accurate RTL representation of the full system..

Furthermore these abstracted virtual platforms are also ideal for early SW development ahead of silicon availability which could take months to fabricate.

Our SystemC courses, Comprehensive SystemC and SystemC Modeling using TLM-2.0, will help guide you to develop your own models and/or encapsulate and integrate 3rd party models to create virtual platforms of your bespoke RISC-V based system.

Below are a list of courses to address different training requirements for your RISC-V project.

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