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C/C++ for Embedded Training

Best-in-Class Embedded Software training

The highly experienced Doulos Embedded team have the knowledge and skills gained from across the international semiconductor industry to deliver the right training and support for you and your organization.

Doulos training is unique in that it includes extensive hands-on labs covering all aspects of the design process. Doulos delegates therefore benefit from a complete learning experience which enables them to test, troubleshoot and consolidate their knowledge before commencing their product development projects.

For the microcontoller space, the Doulos training program provides the essential project-readiness training for the application of C or C++ tuned to the context and constraints of embedded applications. No product development can now progress without full consideration being given to the critical issues surrounding security. The Doulos program includes a uniquely focused and practical course for embedded C or C++ developers covering essential techniques and approaches to address security vulnerabilities.


C Programming for Embedded Systems teaches the application of the C programming language in the context of embedded systems. As well as giving delegates a full grounding in the C programming language, this course explains to delegates how to program a modern embedded microcontroller using real-time development tools.

C++ Programming for Embedded Systems teaches the C++ programming language in the context of real-time and embedded systems. It highlights the resource and performance implications of using key C++ features and programming styles. As well as giving delegates an in-depth understanding of the C++ programming language, this course provides practical experience of programming a modern embedded microcontroller using real-time development tools.

Embedded System Security for C/C++ Developers is designed to provide awareness of the security issues affecting microcontroller-based embedded systems and teaches approaches to protect against them. Since many of these systems are developed using C or C++, it looks at how the code should be written to avoid security vulnerabilities. It also considers alternative hardware-based solutions to ensure secure booting, data communication and updates for the embedded software application.

Generic C++ Training. If you are looking for C++ training that is not linked to the constraints of a “small” embedded system (such as a single board computer running an Operating System like Linux), then our Comprehensive C++ course is the right choice for you. You can find more information about the 5-days in-person training here and live online instructor-led training here


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