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SystemC Resources

SystemC LogoThis section contains a collection of links to other sites within the SystemC community and resources to get you going with SystemC.

The main OSCI (Open SystemC Initiative) web-site is a "must-see".

If you want to search the forums on the OSCI website, try this site: Something About SystemC.

Installation notes

We've now included extensive installation notes for both Windows and Linux inside our HeadStart Kit

You'll also find notes on using different compilers, Makefiles, and project settings there

Application notes

There's a crib sheet for gtkwave, a free waveform viewer.

By the way, there is a Windows version of gtkwave is available



There are some useful public domain tools. gtkwave, mentioned above, allows you to view vcd (value change dump) files on PC and UNIX. There are some other public domain tools on the OSCI web-site tools and products list; and if you are trying to understand the class hierarchy of SystemC, have a look at doxygen, a public domain documentation generator.

For debugging on UNIX, try ddd (the graphical interface to gdb, the Gnu debugger).

Questions and Answers

We couldn't really call this an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), but at these are all questions that have been asked by customers on our training courses - so why not have a read and see if you can find the answer to your questions?

Don't forget to also look at the The SystemC Language Reference Manual as well.

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