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VMM Golden Reference Guide - SPI Tutorial

Doulos, February 2010

The VMM Golden Reference Guide

This tutorial has been written as a complement to the VMM Golden Reference Guide, which you can order here. The tutorial further explains and illustrates various topics referred to in the VMM Golden Reference Guide, including how to define transactions using vmm_data, using vmm_xactor and vmm_subenv, using the factory, using the data stream scoreboard, and using the scenario generator.

The SPI Tutorial

In this tutorial, a simple Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) design is used from The object is to take you step-by-step through implementing a simple VMM verification environment and showcasing some of the new features of VMM 1.2. This tutorial uses a bottom-up approach in creating a verification testbench.

The tutorial explains the following topics in detail:

  • Interfacing with the Wishbone and SPI protocols using SystemVerilog modports
  • Creating transaction objects by extending vmm_data
  • Structuring the verification environment using the vmm_test, vmm_env and vmm_subenv classes
  • Using the new vmm_group class and implicit phasing
  • Building SPI monitor and scoreboard components using the new TLM analysis ports
  • Building a Wishbone scenario generator and scenario library
  • Pulling together a complete VMM 1.2 verification environment


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