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Doulos addresses the challenging and exciting new domain of Deep Learning

February 2018|Press release

Doulos announces practical training in Deep Learning for Engineers and Programmers 

DVCon U.S. San Jose, CA - February 26, 2018

Doulos is pleased to announce with immediate availability a detailed intensive 5 day hands-on training on Deep Learning for implementers and practitioners. 

Scheduled to run in Doulos Learning Centers in the US and Europe from mid April 2018 onwards for individuals or small teams, the course will also be available for delivery as team training at customer locations worldwide.

The course, entitled Practical Deep Learning, is tuned to the needs of implementers, whether engineers or programmers, wishing to acquire an in-depth appreciation of the principles and practises of deep learning. The concepts and techniques are introduced and explored using Python, TensorFlow and Keras, with workshops comprising 50% of the training.

"The brave new world of Deep Learning presents a stimulating paradigm shift to the engineering and programming community in every domain," said John Aynsley, Doulos CTO, "Our goal with this unique offering has been to apply our deep expertise in crafting highly-tuned training solutions to the practical application challenge that Deep Learning presents for implementers".

The course is based on the Python language and makes extensive use of the TensorFlow machine learning environment and the Keras neural network API. Although based on TensorFlow and Keras, the principles and concepts taught would be equally applicable in any deep learning library or framework.

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