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Doulos announce new AVM Adopter training course under Mentor Vanguard program

June 2007|Press release

New 2 day intensive class enables fast AVM ramp-up

Doulos, the global language and methodology training company, has announced the availability of an intensive 2 day training class on the Advanced Verification Methodology developed and supported by Mentor Graphics. 

This advanced workshop-style training forms part of a broader spectrum of training and support options within the Doulos 2007 verification portfolio called SystemVerilog Out of the Box?. It is the result of direct co-operation between Doulos and Mentor Graphics through its Questa Vanguard partner program.

The training class entitled AVM Adopter Workshop can be delivered stand-alone as an intensive 2 day course. It will, more typically, be part of a broader team-based training encompassing other modules from the Doulos Modular SystemVerilog or Modular SystemC training programs. 

The training will be available world-wide and is best suited to delivery as team-based training at the customer location. 

"Doulos has been a valuable partner to Mentor customers for many years and we are pleased to have them as part of the Questa Vanguard partnership program," said Dennis Brophy, director of strategic business development, Mentor Graphics. "Their expertise and experience in both verification and knowledge transfer makes them a valuable resource for those adopting AVM."
The Advanced Verification Methodology (AVM) is based on an open source library implemented in SystemVerilog and SystemC. 

For a complete syllabus and more details on how AVM Adopter Workshop can integrate with other training and support modules to ensure rapid deployment of AVM, contact Doulos at or call 1-888-GO-Doulos .

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Since 1991 Doulos has set the industry standard for high quality language and methodology training in SystemC, SystemVerilog, e, PSL, VHDL, Verilog, Perl and Tcl/Tk. A completely independent company, Doulos in-house expertise and world leading know-how has contributed to the success of more than 600 companies across 30 countries.
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