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AMD - Designing with the Versal Adaptive SoC: Power and Board Design ONLINE

Duration: 2 sessions (4 hours per session)

This is a LIVE INSTRUCTOR-LED training event delivered ONLINE.
It covers the same scope and content, and delivers similar learning outcomes, as a scheduled face-to face class.

Course Description

This course provides a system-level understanding of power and thermal issues related to designing with the Versal™ Adaptive SoC. PCB design considerations for the Versal Adaptive SoC are also covered.

The emphasis of this course is on:

  • Estimating power using power analysis
  • Managing thermal design
  • Understanding Versal device packaging
  • Implementing proper pin-to-board connection
  • Using the Versal PCB Schematic Checklist to validate PCB design

Hardware designers and system architects wanting to develop an effective power distribution network for the Versal Adaptive SoC.

  • Vivado Design Suite
  • XPE for the Versal Adaptive SoC devices

After completing this training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Design an efficient power distribution network for a Versal® Adaptive SoC design
  • Leverage the Vivado Design Suite XPE tool for power estimation
  • Dynamically manage power consumption
  • Solve thermal challenges
  • Apply PCB design guidelines for Adaptive SoC board interfaces
  • Versal Adaptive SoC Architecture Overview for Existing AMD Users
    Introduces to students that already have familiarity with AMD architectures to the new and updated features found in the Versal Adaptive SoC devices. {Lecture}
  • Power Solutions Overview
    Introduces key power concepts and explores some of capabilities of the Versal Adaptive SoC devices and introduces the power distribution network flow. {Lecture, Lab}
  • Packaging and Power Integrity
    Describes key elements when modeling a PDN and dives deeper into packaging considerations. {Lecture}
  • Thermal Solutions Overview
    Introduces key thermal concepts and explores some of capabilities of the Versal Adaptive SoC devices. {Lecture}
  • Power Management
    Discusses power domains and how they can be controlled along with basic techniques used to lower overall power consumption. {Lecture, Demo}
  • Power Supply Backgrounder
    Reviews linear and switching power supplies and common terms used to specify power supply characteristics. {Lecture}
  • Board System Design Overview
    Introduces PCB design topics. {Lecture}
  • Designing the Power Supply
    Consolidates the thermal management concepts of the course for achieving a successful design. {Lecture}
  • Designing PL Interfaces
    Focuses on bank structure and physical organization of the PL package pins. {Lecture}
  • Designing PS Interfaces
    Covers the unique features of the dedicated PS I/O interface along with pin-planning techniques. {Lecture}
  • Designing Memory Interfaces
    Discusses high-speed connections, routing, and design guidelines for DDR memories. {Lecture}
  • Designing Transceiver Interfaces
    Describes the serial transceiver organization and proper trace requirements. {Lecture}
  • Board System Design Guidance
    Outlines the steps and documentation for specific PCB topics. {Lecture}
  • PCB Design Verification – Versal Adaptive SoC Schematic Checklist
    Reviews PCB design verification using the Schematic Checklist. {Lecture, Lab

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