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Thank you for visiting the Doulos website from EDA Playground.

You can find a host of resources here, covering the languages and methodologies available on EDA Playground, in the form of full training courses, webinars and KnowHow resources.    

Upcoming feature webinars:

Defining Timing Constraints using SDC

Free 1 Hour Webinar

Friday December 08, 2023

This webinar will help you get started with building timing constraints for your digital design using the industry standard Synopsys Timing Constraints (SDC) format.

As well as getting an overview of what SDC is and the basic terminology, you will learn how to define clocks, how to set up timing for the I/Os and how to define exceptions like false-paths and multicycle-paths; everything you need to set up timing in a simple design.

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Debugging SystemC with GDB

Free 1 Hour Webinar

Friday December 15, 2023

This webinar explores debugging SystemC code with basic tools, including issues and strategies to make improvements. 

A large portion of the webinar includes a demonstration of a small design. Topics include single-stepping without getting lost and obtaining information about SystemC simulation status. The session concludes with ideas on how to simplify debugging and accelerate development.

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How to Accelerate Both your FPGA Application and Productivity

Free 1 Hour Webinar

Wednesday December 20, 2023

With the advent of heterogeneous compute platforms and the requirement for edge to cloud scalability, an easy-to-navigate, multi-capable design methodology is needed.

In this webinar, we will show you a new Vitis™-based design methodology from AMD, that seamlessly utilizes various compilers and analysis tools to support both proprietary and industry-standard libraries/APIs, thereby offering a structured approach for all aspects of software development, debug and deployment for individual kernels and complete systems.

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