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What is OVM ?

The Open Verification Methodology (OVM) is a non-proprietary functional verification methodology based on the IEEE 1800 SystemVerilog standard. The precursors to OVM were AVM (Advanced Verification Methodology) and URM (Universal Reuse Methodology), which were developed by Mentor Graphics and Cadence, respectively, who have worked together to develop the OVM.

After the OVM announcement in 2007, Doulos was invited to work closely with the lead teams from both Cadence and Mentor to ensure early availability of independent training so that users worldwide could move rapidly to adopt OVM.

The OVM offers a complete framework for the creation of sophisticated functional verification environments in SystemVerilog, and encourages the development and deployment of re-usable verification components. The methodology is non-vendor specific and is interoperable with multiple languages and simulators. The OVM is fully open, and includes a robust class library and source code that is available for download at

OVM testbenches support functional coverage collection and assertions; it has comprehensive support for constrained random stimulus generation (including structured sequence generation) and for transaction-level modeling. OVM exploits the object-oriented programming (or "class-based") features of SystemVerilog (see Comprehensive SystemVerilog below). The open structure, extensive automation, and standard transaction-level interfaces of OVM make it suitable for building functional verification environments ranging from simple block-level tests to the most complex coverage-driven testbenches.

Doulos OVM Credentials

Doulos developed the world's first independent OVM training class. Both Cadence and Mentor Graphics invited Doulos to work closely with their lead teams to ensure early availability of training.The result is the 3-day OVM Adopter Class.

This new class is an integral part of the Doulos SystemVerilog out of the Box™ program and joins the Doulos range of SystemVerilog training and support components.

Doulos has amassed a bank of SystemVerilog and OVM experience from training delivery and client support across all industry segments and tool contexts since 2004. This includes co-operation with Mentor Graphics and Cadence to develop Adopter Classes for the OVM's predecessors, the AVM and URM

Doulos also published the world's first on-line OVM tutorials in January 2008, were invited to deliver OVM training as part of the OVM World global seminar series, and were responsible for the popular Solutions Workshops on OVM that took place at the DATE and DAC exhibitions. Finally, re-inforcing Doulos' reputation for up-to-the-minute technical know-how and leading capability as both verification methodology and training specialists, Doulos published the first edition OVM Golden Reference Guide just weeks after the release of OVM-2.0.

Doulos OVM Training


  • OVM Adopter Class
    This 3-day class provides a quick-start, practical introduction to verification principles and in-depth practical application of OVM using commercial verification tools such as Mentor Graphics QuestaTMSim and Cadence Incisive® Enterprise Simulator. Part of the Doulos SystemVerilog out of the Box™ program , it can be packaged and customized with components of Modular SystemVerilog, flexible project support options, and supplemental tool training in co-operation with the leading vendors to take delegates through to full SystemVerilog verification project readiness.

    Class-based SystemVerilog verification is a critical part of the OVM learning curve. If it isn't taught well and understood, it undermines an engineer's ability to learn and apply OVM. Which is why, in the pre-requiste Comprehensive SystemVeilog training class, Doulos' careful handling of what many consider to be a challenging topic is key to the success of many clients. More >>

  • Comprehensive SystemVerilog
    This is a one-stop solution addressing the needs of both design and verification groups. It includes objective and up-to-date commentary on the two best-known published verification methodology approaches, and teaches key SystemVerilog language features that support them. More >>

  • Modular SystemVerilog
    Modular SystemVerilog consists of several modules that can be combined and customized into an integrated program to fulfil team-based training requirements. It includes:
    - Fast-track Verilog for VHDL Users
    - Fundamentals of SystemVerilog for Design
    - Fundamentals of SystemVerilog for Verification
    - SystemVerilog Assertions
    - Module-based SystemVerilog Verification
    - Class-based SystemVerilog Verification
    - Verification Methodology Adopter Classes
    More >>

Client Support

Doulos Project Services is a powerful resource giving your company rapid access to expertise for direct use on project issues. A wide range of packages exist to assist you through all stages of methodology and language decision making, integration and design use. All our packages can be provided with the flexibility to provide support exactly when required, maximising the benefit to cost ratio.