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C++ Self-Assessment Test

Do you know enough C to attend the Fundamentals of SystemC or the Fundamentals of SystemC Online course?

You need to be able to write C++ programs using const, namespaces, references, streaming I/O, ranged forloops, uniform initialization, templated classes, overloaded operators, lambdas, constructors, and destructors.

Ask yourself whether you could write a C++ program to do the following:

1. Create a template class for a 3-D coordinate parameterized on the underlying data type that allows you to create, add/subtract (operator+ & operator-, scale (operator*), compare ( operator== ), to_string() , and stream out ( operator<< ) points. The class should be named Coordinate and support the following syntax:

2. Implement the class and compile with no errors or warnings (use flags -pedantic -Wall -Wextra ).

3. Create a unit test.

4. Run the program above and obtain:

You will be expected to be able to write C++ programs such as this, without help from the instructor, when you arrive on the first day of Fundamentals of SystemC.

As well as knowing C++, delegates should have a basic understanding of embedded systems, microcontroller architecture, and how to read a datasheet. If you are still unsure whether you meet the pre-requisites, please contact Doulos to discuss.