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SystemC Training & Support from Doulos

SystemC is a C++ class library typically used to model systems that have hardware and software content at the transaction level of abstraction. SystemC is both an Accellera standard and an IEEE standard.

Authoritative Training

Doulos has a world-wide lead in independent SystemC know-how having been active in SystemC-based methods since 2000. We have delivered SystemC training and support to engineers on more than 340 client sites across 24 countries world-wide - including direct involvement with methodology and tool developers in such companies as Arm, Cadence, CoWare, Mentor Graphics and Synopsys.

Our SystemC expertise has even been recognised by Accellera, who contracted Doulos to author the IEEE 1666™ SystemC® Language Reference Manual, and the TLM-2.0 User Manual.

So when it comes to SystemC training… come to the SystemC experts.

3-Step Learning Path

Effective use of SystemC for modeling requires a 3-step learning path to acquire the necessary skills.

  • Step 1 - Essential C++ for SystemC (2 days) takes engineers who have a basic knowledge of the C programming language and gives them a fast-track way to acquire a good grounding in C++, which is an essential foundation for learning SystemC. Engineers wanting a more complete understanding of C++ should consider the 5-day Comprehensive C++ class.

  • Step 2 - Fundamentals of SystemC (3 days) builds on the foundation laid by Essential C++ to teach engineers the SystemC language. It describes the core SystemC v2.2 class library and its application for systems, communication, hardware and software at the transaction-level, and refinement towards hardware-software implementation.

  • Step 3 - SystemC Modeling Using TLM-2.0 (3 days) builds on the foundation laid by the Fundamentals of SystemC to prepare the engineer for practical project readiness using transaction-level with SystemC and TLM-2.0.

In-house & Customized Training

Over 25 years experience of migrating whole teams and organisations to new methods has taught Doulos that the best outcomes are experienced when training programs are carefully tuned to the client's context. This is especially true of SystemC training where teams often comprise engineers from a range of technical backgrounds (i.e. hardware and software engineers, and system architects).

Doulos addresses all in-house and team-based training as a potentially unique training program - no assumption is made as to the scope, duration and content of the training required. Instead, a Doulos SystemC expert draws up a specific training and support program and proposal based on a direct interaction with a client's technical lead, and the Modular SystemC syllabus and materials. The program can include ongoing team mentoring following the training to ensure fullest knowhow transfer.