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Training for Microsemi Devices

Doulos provides training for engineers designing with Microsemi SoC Products Group (previously Actel) devices. This includes direct training support for the SmartFusion™ product (see 2010 press release).

The combination of three programmable elements - FPGA, ARM® Cortex®-M3-based microcontroller subsystem and analogue components - makes the SmartFusion™ family a fully-customizable, easy-to-use platform for system designers. But using this platform also requires a solid know-how of the platform components used and the design methodologies required.

Building on years of experience in design training for Actel's FPGA products as well as for ARM cores, in collaboration with Actel, Doulos has developed a customised training program to address the needs of developers using SmartFusion mixed signal FPGAs.

Actel's Sr. Manager, Design Solutions Marketing and Training, Wendy Lockhart, commented on the partnership with Doulos, "We are happy to have Doulos as a very competent and highly qualified training and support partner for SmartFusion. It will help our customers very quickly adopt this new and exciting technology to considerably shorten their time-to-market."

Doulos offers RapidGain events for SmartFusion - intensive 1 day hands-on workshops offered directly with Microsemi and ARM partners and channels - as well as comprehensive project-ready 4-5 day training classes which can be delivered in standard or customized on-site form worldwide for interested companies.

Customer training programs can be tuned to specific needs from the following components:


Doulos are also able to combine the above training with SmartFusion training material provided by Microsemi, as described below:

Designing with SmartFusion


  • Day 1: SmartFusion Microcontroller Subsystem
    (Intended for all engineers who are implementing SmartFusion designs)
  • SmartFusion MSS architecture
  • SmartFusion MSS I/Os
  • SmartDesign MSS configurator
  • Firmware drivers and sample projects for SoftConsole, Keil and IAR toolchains
  • Hands-on labs


  • Day 2: SmartFusion FPGA Fabric Interface
    (Intended for engineers who want to implement logic in the SmartFusion FPGA fabric)
  • SmartFusion FPGA fabric resources and fabric interface
  • SmartFusion digital I/Os
  • Adding user logic in SmartFusion designs
  • Actel Libero IDE design flow for SmartFusion
  • Hands-on labs


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