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You can find a host of resources here, covering the languages and methodologies available on EDA Playground, in the form of full training courses, webinars and KnowHow resources

Upcoming feature webinars:

The Rust Journey: Exploring Safe Systems Programming

Free 1-Hour Webinar: Tuesday April 30 2024

This webinar is designed to help you gain a solid understanding of Rust's features, benefits, and applications. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, this will help you get started on your Rust journey!

You'll learn about strongly typed language, modern systems programming and some advanced features of Rust...

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Building Embedded Products with Zephyr

Free 1-Hour Webinar: Wednesday May 08 2024

Zephyr is a very modular, highly portable, real-time operating system with an associated eco-system to build secure, connected and future-proof devices.

In this webinar, you'll learn about building Zephyr applications, what sets Zephyr apart from other traditional RTOSs/embedded OSs, and how Zephyr supports the development and expectations for connected embedded products.

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Getting Started with
Embedded Linux Security

Free 1-Hour Webinar: Friday May 17 2024

In this webinar we examine some of the main features and tools which can be used to make your embedded Linux system more secure.

You'll learn how features of the compiler, the kernel and Linux user space can be used to satisfy security standards and how hardware features from SoC vendors can increase security.

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Debugging Features of UVM

Free 1-Hour Webinar: Wednesday May 22 2024

In this webinar we explore the various features in UVM to help you debug your UVM environment, your test cases, and your design under test.

Topics include: debugging the testbench, debugging stimulus and debugging the design.

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Connecting AI to IoT Applications

Free 1-Hour Webinar: Wednesday May 29 2024

This webinar will examine the application of AI in Edge / IoT situations.

Although it uses an example for an industrial application, it will be of interest to anyone considering the use of AI technology for constrained devices.

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