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Jumpstart Your Formal Verification with a Little Help

Article from Verification Horizons February 2023

Jumpstart Your Formal Verification with a Little Help

by Senior Member Technical Staff, Doug Smith

An advantage of using formal verification is how quickly a formal environment can be created with a few simple properties that immediately start finding design issues. However, not all design behaviors are easily modeled using SystemVerilog's property syntax, resulting in complex or numerous properties, or behaviors that require more than just SVA. That is where helper code comes to the rescue. Helper code can significantly reduce the complexity of properties as well as be used to constrain formal analysis. Likewise, formal analysis may need to reduce the complexity of the problem and state space, which helper code can also help. So where are some places to use helper code and when?

This article looks at how helper code can be used to simplify our properties, model formal abstractions, constrain formal inputs, and aid formal analysis.

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