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Regular Expressions

Regular expressions or regexes are a core part of the Perl language. This handy tool will help you develop Perl regular expressions of any complexity.

This tool should save you lots of time developing more complicated patterns. It's very simple and intuitive to use but instructions are included. Download a copy of the Perl Regular Expression Viewer now:

This first version uses Perl/Tk and you must have the Tk module installed for it to work.

A plain version:

A GZIP version:

If you don't have the Perl Tk module installed and you don't want to install it then this second version may be useful. It is exactly the same application but using Tcl/Tk for the user interface. Of course you must have the basic Perl interpreter installed and the "wish" shell from Tcl/Tk.

A plain version: prev.tcl

A GZIP version: prev.tcl.gz

Currently, Doulos use the free ActiveTcl distributions from ActiveState for Solaris and Windows.

ActiveTcl (ActiveState)