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Python: Everything is an Object


Python has become an incredibly popular language in the last few years doing everything from automating design flows, data analysis and even just being a general “glue” which can translate one dataset into another. For most everyday tasks, it “just works” but there are times when you can be caught out when something unexpected happens, especially if you are used to other types of programming languages such as C, C++, C# or Java.

Webinar and Working Examples

The following Jupyter Notebook examples were created for the Doulos webinar Python: Everything is an Object by Dr Des Howlett, SMTS and Loïc Domaigné, SMTS. The webinar and examples are designed to help you understand how all parts of Python have a lot in common, whether they are variables, classes, class objects or functions.

You will see what happens:

  •  when a variable is assigned
  •  when functions are called 
  •  when generators yield new values.

This will help you to adjust any mental map that you acquired from other languages and make you better at Python.

Jupyter Notebook Topics

  • Getting Started
  • Why Python is different
  • Reference counts and Garbage Collector
  • Other Name Bindings
  • First Order Objects
  • Function Calls and Frame Objects
  • Generator
  • Decorator
  • Extra Bonus: Closure

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