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Summary of SystemVerilog Extensions to Verilog

SystemVerilog adds important new constructs to Verilog-2001, including:


  • New data types: byte, shortint, int, longint, bit, logic, string, chandle
  • Typedef, struct, union, tagged union, enum
  • Dynamic and associative arrays; queues
  • Classes
  • Automatic/static specification on a per variable instance basis
  • Packages and support for Compilation Units
  • Extensions to Always blocks for modelling combinational, latched or clocked processes
  • Jump Statements (return, break and continue)
  • Extensions to fork-join, disable and wait to support dynamic processes
  • Interfaces to encapsulate communication
  • Clocking blocks to support cycle-based methodologies
  • Program blocks for describing tests
  • Randomization and constraints for random and directed-random verification
  • Procedural and concurrent assertions and coverage for verification
  • Enhancements to events and new Mailbox and Semaphore built-in classes for inter-process communication
  • The Direct Programming Interface, which allows C functions to be called directly from SystemVerilog (and vice versa) without using the PL
  • Assertions and Coverage Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and extensions to the Verilog Procedural Interface (VPI) – details of these are outside the scope of the SystemVerilog Golden Reference Guide
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