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Test Benches: Part 2

In this section, we look at writing the VHDL code to realise the testbench based on our earlier template.

Concurrent Assignment

The 5 concurrent signal assignment statements within the test bench define the input test vectors (eg. A <= 'X', '0' after 10 NS, '1' after 20 NS;). The delays in these assignments are relative to the time when the assignments execute (ie. time 0), not to each other (eg. Signal A will change to '1' at 20 NS, not at 30 NS).

Test Bench for MUX4

entity TEST_MUX4 is

library IEEE;
use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.all;

architecture BENCH of TEST_MUX4 is

  component MUX4
    port (SEL :in STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(1 downto 0);
    A, B, C, D:in STD_LOGIC;
    F :out STD_LOGIC);
  end component;

  signal SEL: STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(1 downto 0);
  signal A, B, C, D, F: STD_LOGIC;


  SEL <= "00", "01" after 30 NS, "10" after 60 NS,
    "11" after 90 NS, "XX" after 120 NS,
    "00" after 130 NS;

  A <= 'X', '0' after 10 NS, '1' after 20 NS;
  B <= 'X', '0' after 40 NS, '1' after 50 NS;
  C <= 'X', '0' after 70 NS, '1' after 80 NS;
  D <= 'X', '0' after 100 NS, '1' after 110 NS;

  M: MUX4 port map (SEL, A, B, C, D, F);

end BENCH;

The waveforms generated for the SEL, A, B and C signals are shown below.

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