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2021 – GO for re-start!

January 2021|Press release

A New Year Message from Robert Hurley, Doulos CEO

The turning of a year provides an opportunity to reflect on the year that is passing and to plan for the year that is arriving. The plans we all made at the start of 2020, whether personal or business-related, had to adapt radically to the challenges that COVID brought to us all.

Reflections on 2020

The Doulos team, like so many of our valued customers, had to pivot and innovate at speed to adapt to the new constraints that appeared so suddenly. In a very short timeframe, thanks to the creativity and efforts of our technical and operational teams, we were able to provide a full complement of training programs in Live Online format.

These training programs reached customers across all time-zones and included some unique developments to enable course delegates to interact remotely and in real-time. Such capability was especially significant to support access to the practical labs that form such an important part of any Doulos training course.

Innovations and capabilities such as the Doulos Board Farm and EDA Playground have ensured Doulos course delegates can continue to access the tools and systems needed to fully support their learning process. Wherever they are.

By the end of the year many thousands of our customers had taken up the challenge of learning online. This included many instances where key customers committed to train entire engineering teams distributed across different locations; many working from home environments. But all following the same course agenda in real-time and achieving project-readiness together as a  single team.

I am so thankful to the Doulos staff team and our network of Certified Training Instructors and Partners for their sustained efforts and flexible support to our customers throughout 2020.

Ready to GO for 2021

2021 now opens with similar challenges to those faced through most of 2020. But the prospects are so much brighter for later in the year as vaccines roll out to protect the vulnerable. We pray God-speed to this process.

New development projects for many more of our customers can now be planned for and committed to with fresh confidence. As a team we expect the year to become increasingly busy as the year progresses, as constraints ease and many of our customers prepare to kick-start projects delayed from 2020.

The Doulos team and partners stand ready to support you and your teams throughout 2021 whatever your context.

I would encourage you to reach out today to your local Doulos team or representative to start to discuss your training needs for 2021. We will be so pleased to assist. You can find contact details here.

May I take this opportunity to wish you a safe, secure and successful 2021.

My regards to you

Robert Hurley

2021 – GO for re-start!