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Atrenta & Doulos Partner To Help Electronic Developers Accelerate SystemC Deployment

June 2005|Press release

Predictive Analysis from Atrenta & Training by Doulos Provide Integrated,
Best-in-Class Solutions for Faster, Easier SystemC Adoption

Atrenta® Inc., a leading supplier of design automation solutions to the global semiconductor industry, and Doulos, the global leader for training solutions for electronics development, announced today that they have joined forces to accelerate customers' deployment of SystemC design methodologies. Specifically, the two companies will cooperate to provide customers with Atrenta's new 1Team™:System analysis environment, introduced yesterday, together with tuned Doulos SystemC training and support to enable customers to gear up rapidly and effectively with SystemC.

"SystemC is a very challenging language for hardware designers" said Bernard Murphy, chief technology officer of Atrenta. "It's hard to learn and set up. Companies need guidelines and assistance, and don't want each engineer interpreting the language differently. Atrenta's automated best practices and SystemC analysis, together with Doulos's industry-leading training services, provide the guidance that companies need to get up to speed quickly with SystemC and achieve reliable, high-quality results."
"We have extensive experience helping diverse companies deploy SystemC," said Rob Hurley, chief executive officer of Doulos. "And it's clear that those organizations who establish best practices across their teams from the start are the ones who achieve the greatest productivity gains. Atrenta's new 1Team:System solution, allied with our high-capability training and support, will give a head start to companies adopting SystemC".

Atrenta teamed with Doulos because of Doulos's wealth of experience and deep understanding of SystemC, as authors of the SystemC Language Reference Manual. In addition, Doulos's expertise contributed to the design of Atrentas' 1Team:System solution. Doulos provided review guidance and feedback, resulting in enhanced ease of use and broader coverage of SystemC coding hazards.

1Team:System- Most Advanced SystemC Analysis 1Team:System represents a new level of SystemC analysis, more advanced than previous SystemC approaches. Unlike alternative solutions that adddress only syntax, 1Team:System ensures total system accuracy across all levels of the design hierarchy. It validates structure, function, data organization and commmunication protocols. It promotes best practices, featuring a large library of built-in best practices together with unique customizability that enables companies to capture and automate their design expertise. 1Team:System reduces the SystemC learning curve, helping new SystemC users become proficient and productive, quickly and easily. At the same time, it enables experienced SystemC users write better code.

Doulos SystemC Training Involved in the development of SystemC training and methodology for over five years, Doulos has delivered SystemC training to more than 90 different companies across the United States, Asia and Europe. Its SystemC training portfolio is the most comprehensive available, with the most in-depth reference materials. Recently revised, all materials support SystemC Version 2.1 and new advanced modeling modules cover the latest Transaction Level Modeling techniques.


About Doulos 
Doulos is the independent global leader for the development and delivery of market-leading training solutions for SoC, FPGA and ASIC design and verification. Doulos has over 15 years experience in the development of training solutions addressing a broad range of challenges in electronics development. Its in-house specialist team has core expertise covering all aspects of complex system design and verification. Doulos know-how is delivered through scheduled classes in the United States and Europe and directly on customer sites on a worldwide basis through team-based training programs.

Atrenta Inc is the leading provider of Predictive Development solutions for companies creating complex chips, systems and embedded software. Predictive Development is a new class of design automation solution that turns the costly and error-prone activity of electronic development into a more predictable, manageable and reliable process. Atrenta's 1Team Familiy of Predictive Development solutions enhances the entire development cycle - from architectural planning to physical implementation, and from hardware to embedded software. Atrenta is headquartered in San Jose, California with a research and development center in Noida, India. For further information, visit the Atrenta website at, emailmoreinfo@atrenta.comor call 001 408 453 3333