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April Workshop: Designing with the AMD Versal Adaptive SoC: Network on Chip

April 2024|Event

Doulos is pleased to announce this online workshop in collaboration with AMD, Faster Technology and Core|Vision.

The workshop (delivered in 2 half day sessions) will introduce the Versal™ adaptive SoC Network on Chip (NoC).

Besides providing an overview of the major components in the Versal device, the workshop illustrates how the NoC is used to efficiently move data within the device.

This workshop will cover the following agenda topics:

  • Architecture Overview
  • Versal adaptive SoCs compared to Zynq UltraScale+ Devices
  • NoC Introduction and Concepts
  • NoC Architecture
  • Design Tool Flow Overview
  • NoC DDR Memory Controller
  • NoC Performance Tuning
  • System Design Migration

With thanks to AMD for sponsoring this workshop it is available to attend FREE OF CHARGE