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Doulos Announce Project-ready Training for e Verification Language

May 2003|Press release

Doulos, Europe's leading independent SoC design and verification training company, has announced a new release of the 5-day training class Comprehensive e. The upgraded course now includes advanced material on coverage driven methodology and reinforces key aspects of verification good practice as outlined in the Verisity e Reuse Methodology (eRM).

This project-ready training offering brings a one-stop-shop training option to the market for e based verification methodology and Verisity's Specman EliteTM tool from the recognised independent training leader. Presented in two modules, Fundamentals of e and Verification Methodology using e, the course combines essential training in the e language itself with tuition in its application for functional verification automation.

"e is a proven and powerful language for hardware verification" comments John Aynsley, Doulos Technical Director. "It has the potential to significantly reduce verification bottlenecks and improve product quality, but to achieve this engineers need to become proficient in an e based verification methodology. That's the focus of Comprehensive e."

Doulos course materials include detailed explanatory notes that will aid engineers evaluating e as well as providing a useful project reference, and the new e Golden Reference Guide (GRG). Published in April, the e GRG (ISBN 09537280-5-6) contains everything you need to know for day-to-do use of e, all presented in a handy 224 page pocket-sized guide designed for easy reference.

Speaking about the publication of the Doulos e Golden Reference Guide, Vice President of European Operations for Verisity, Sean Redmond, said "Doulos has a deep understanding of advanced verification methodologies as well as the e language. They have put together an excellent reference manual that would benefit any verification engineer. We are pleased that our customers have this resource available to them."

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