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Doulos announces new Expert Verilog course

September 2001|Press release

Doulos have extended their range of HDL courses to include Expert Verilog®. The natural successor to our industry standard Comprehensive Verilog course, it is split into two modules, Expert Verilog® Design and Expert Verilog® Verification. It focuses on language and synthesis issues, design re-use, test benches and 'hot' techniques for verification.

  • Expert Verilog® Design (2 days) for design engineers wishing to deepen their knowledge of both RTL and behavioural synthesis using Verilog, and to improve their Verilog coding style with design re-use in mind.
  • Expert Verilog® Verification (3 days) for design engineers and verification engineers involved in Verilog test bench development, or behavioural modelling, for the purpose of functional verification.

This course is suitable for engineers who have already attended our Comprehensive Verilog® course or have extensive Verilog® project experience, and need to increase their productivity by enhancing their coding and application skills. As with all Doulos courses, 50% of course time will be spent in practical workshops, enabling engineers to apply their new skills using the Verilog® tools of their choice; click here for the full course description.

The first public Expert Verilog® course will be running at the Marriot Hotel in Swindon between the 19 - 23 November 2001. Onsite courses are available worldwide now, so call the Sales Team on +44 (0) 1425 471223 or email us for pricing and scheduling information.