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Doulos Embedded partners with MathEmbedded to provide specialist Embedded Security Training

February 2015|Press release

Doulos and MathEmbedded are pleased to announce a global initiative to develop and deploy specialist security training programs for embedded systems developers. This timely initiative will support companies in ensuring their development teams have the know-how, expertise and best-practice to address the critical issue of security at every stage of system development.

“The specialist knowledge and experience that MathEmbedded has in the security domain combined with the Doulos capability to develop and deploy effective intensive training programs will deliver great value to our customer base worldwide,” says Ray Mogford, Business Development Manager, Doulos Embedded “Security is not tomorrow's concern for embedded systems development, it's today's. This partnership will accelerate the industry's ability to engineer secure embedded systems across the application space.”
“MathEmbedded are excited to be partnering with Doulos and we look forward to working with them to add the vital modern requirement of practical security to their high quality and cutting-edge embedded training courses,“ said Carl Shaw, Director, MathEmbedded.

Understanding and managing all aspects of system security design in the “well connected world” is of fundamental concern. For many developers and manufacturers, and particularly those that previously didn't need to consider security in product design, this will require changes in how they bring products to the marketplace and also manage them once there.

The following Security training courses are available for team training worldwide: 

  • Defensive C/C++ software Development
  • Embedded Linux Security Hardening
  • IoT System Security Hardening
  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle
  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle for Managers

Full details of these Security training programs can be found at 


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MathEmbedded is an independent, privately-owned company that specialises in embedded software consultancy, development and training. Our technical focus is on embedded systems (including complex OS environments such as Linux, Android, QNX, etc. as well as firmware/bare-metal), particularly embedded systems security.

Aimed at the global market, MathEmbedded's extensive expertise in embedded systems has helped customers worldwide to achieve quicker time-to-market of more secure products and hence gain a solid competitive advantage. For more information, please visit: