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Doulos expands its portfolio of software training courses to meet growing demand for embedded systems development.

June 2016|Press release

Doulos' growing portfolio of software development courses enables embedded systems developers to more rapidly develop secure products based upon a defensive programming methodology while reducing development time by utilizing object oriented coding techniques. 


Doulos is pleased to announce an expanded portfolio of embedded software training courses to be available starting shortly after the DAC conference at locations across the U.S. and Europe. In addition to Doulos' existing portfolio of embedded software courses, Doulos will release two new embedded systems courses. 

The first course is entitled C++ Programming for Embedded Systems. It is focused on enablingdevelopment teams to be ready and fully productive for projects focused on application code development or the development of Application Programming Interfaces running typically in a Linux environment supportive of multi-core platforms.

The second , entitled Comprehensive Embedded Linux Security, is a companion course to the highly regarded Developing with Embedded Linux course from Doulos and is part of the Secure Embeddedinitiative from Doulos in partnership with security specialists MathEmbedded. This in-depth practical and structured course teaches development teams how to harden the Linux operating system itself, how to protect applications running in a Linux environment and how to construct specialized approaches (e.g. sandboxes) in which applications may be safely run.

"We're excited about the value our new courses bring to the embedded software development community," said William Billowitch, Vice President and General Manager of Doulos Inc, "and combined with our extensive portfolio of ARM microcontroller and application processor courses provides a well rounded solution for teams developing secure and robust applications in a wide range of application areas such as ADAS, digital vision, networking, and medical among others".

Again at the Design Automation Conference 2016 in Austin-TX, USA, for the fourth year running, Doulos is sponsoring six training sessions presented during the popular Thursday is Training Day event. Training sessions related to this announcement include (Track 3: Part I) Introduction to Embedded Security: Making Security Hard: Hardware Security and How to Use it, and (Track 3: Part II) Introduction to Embedded Linux Security: Keys to Understanding Vulnerabilities in Embedded Systems and How to Secure Them. In addition to these two sessions, Doulos is running four additional sessions on topics related to Object Oriented SystemVerilog, UVM, SystemVerilog Synthesis for FPGAs & ASICs, and Virtual Platform development using TLM-2.0.

For more information, please contact:
Ray Mogford, Doulos Embedded Division 

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