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Doulos launch Modular SystemC course

March 2002|Press release

Doulos have expanded their European SystemCTM training portfolio to meet the growing need for team-based training. Available for onsite or near-site delivery only, Modular SystemCTM allows design teams to customise training programmes in line with the team's technical background, existing expertise, application and tool context. Modular SystemC consists of a series of short modules, which can be mixed and matched to suit the particular customer requirement.

Modular SystemC caters for both systems and hardware designers and includes optional pre-cursor training on hardware design or C++, whichever is appropriate.

System Architect & Software Engineer:

Essential Digital
Design Techniques
Fundamentals of SystemC Abstraction & Refinement
in SystemC

Hardware Designer:

Essential C++ Fundamentals of SystemC      

The optional 2 day courses are Essential Digital Design Techniques and Essential C++. These offer a fast and efficient way for engineers to get up to speed with the essential material colleagues from other disciplines will already be familiar with.

The two core SystemC modules, Fundamentals of SystemC and Abstraction and Refinement in SystemC cover the full scope of application of SystemC within the system level design flow. In its entirety the course describes the use of SystemC V2.0 for both hardware modelling, behavioural modelling and synthesis; and the use of advanced features of SystemC V2.0 to design and implement Transaction Level Models, together with a methodology for refining hardware/software independent UTF descriptions.

"This flexible approach to course provision is vital in such a 'leading edge' methodology area," says John Aynsley, Technical Director for Doulos, "at this level nearly every customer requirement is different in some respect. This course packaging allows us to provide a 'best-fit' training solution for each customer. It has already proved its worth for a number of key clients. Furthermore as more SystemC tools emerge and system design methods continue to evolve, our training offerings will accommodate them more readily."

With the Modular SystemC package Doulos offers a free pre-project training assessment performed by a member of the Doulos SystemC team. Email us for further details.

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