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Doulos launch new Fast-track Pricing Packages for UK Courses

January 2002|Press release

Doulos, Europe's first choice for independent HDL training and project services, has introduced a series of special pricing packages.

Aimed at managers wanting their design teams to gear up quickly and effectively for VHDL or Verilog projects, the new fast-track pricing packages represent a 10% saving on the total cost of training.

This is good news for managers who recognise the need for good quality training in order to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings. For example, Doulos courses such as Essential Digital Design Techniques and the Altera or Xilinx TechClasses, fast-track design engineers to skill levels that avoid costly mistakes and bad design practices.

The Designer Induction package is available for VHDL and Verilog. It packages attendance of the pre-cursor course, Essential Digital Design Techniques, with either Comprehensive VHDL or Comprehensive Verilog. As the name suggests, it creates the ideal induction for new design engineers about to embark on their first HDL project.

The Altera Designer and Xilinx Designer packages are aimed at engineers with solid experience in digital design, that want to gear up quickly for projects targeting the latest mainstream Altera or Xilinx devices. Combining attendance of the Comprehensive VHDL course with either the Altera TechClass or 2-day Xilinx TechClass, these options teach engineers how to harness the power of VHDL and still optimise design performance and utilisation.

In order to qualify for fast-track package pricing, bookings have to meet the following conditions:

  • Both courses in the package must be booked at the same time
  • The final course must be attended within 6 months of the initial booking
  • Delegates cannot be substituted between courses
  • Full payment is due after attendance of the first course

Detailed pricing information can be obtained by calling the Doulos Sales Team on +44(0)1425 471223

Marketing Communications contact: Rachael Mundy, Marketing Manager