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Doulos opens direct operation in Germany

September 2002|Press release

Doulos, the leading independent design methodology training company, today announced it is establishing a direct operation in Germany to address the Central European market.

The Doulos portfolio of courses on design and verification languages like VHDL, Verilog® and SystemCTM have become the industry standard project preparation in many regions and blue chip companies. Originating in the UK 11 years ago, Doulos has established a broad base of over 600 customers in 14 countries.

Operating in partnership with the Mikroelektronik Akademie GmbH (MEAK) in Hannover for a number of years, the Doulos portfolio has already gained a loyal client base in Germany. Following a change of business direction at MEAK, Doulos will now open its own direct operation in Germany.

"This is in line with our strategic objective of being a true pan-European 'know-how' provider for System-on-Chip design methodology," said Robert Hurley, Business Manager for Doulos. "Our training programs already have the technical lead in the market based on the investment we have made in our highly competent in-house team over many years. This is now a great opportunity for Doulos to address the needs of the most significant electronics design market within Europe."

As well as establishing a sales and marketing centre, Doulos will develop a technical team focused on the needs that are strongly present within the Central European market, particularly the requirements for platform based design and hardware/software co-design for Systems-on-Chip (SoC).

The Doulos operation will start on October 1st and a launch celebration will take place at the MEAK Developer Forum for ARM SoC Technology, which will be co-hosted by Doulos in Munich on October 8th and 9th.

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