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Doulos release e Golden Reference Guide

March 2003|Press release

Doulos Golden Reference Guides have established a world wide reputation as the engineer's must have project reference. Today Doulos announced the launch of a new guide in the popular series covering the e verification language: the latter has recently been submitted to the IEEE for standardisation. Packed with syntax, hints, tips and gotchas, this handy pocket sized guide is the ideal project companion for engineers using e.

Sean Redmond, Vice President of European Operations for Verisity, the originators of the elanguage said, "Doulos has a deep understanding of advanced verification methodologies as well as the e language. They have put together an excellent reference manual that would benefit any verification engineer. We are pleased that our customers have this resource available to them."

Currently only available in a limited pre-publication edition, prior to final revisions and full release in April, the e Golden Reference Guide can be pre-ordered now by emailing (ISBN 09537280-5-6). Detailed information on the complete range of Golde Reference Guides can be found here.

About Doulos

Doulos is the European leader for independent know-how in leading edge methodologies for SoC, FPGA/CPLD and ASIC design. Our in-house expertise supports training and project services in VHDL, Verilog®, SystemCTM, Handel-C, Perl, Tcl/Tk, e and design verification. Public courses are delivered in the local languages in the UK, France and Germany, with onsite courses delivered worldwide.

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