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Doulos release SystemC Golden Reference Guide

May 2002|Press release

Doulos, Europe’s leading high level design and training and project services company announces the release of the first reference guide for the SystemC™ language. The SystemC Golden Reference Guide is the third title to be added to the series, which includes guides for VHDL and Verilog® HDLs.

Unique amongst SystemC texts, the Doulos Golden Reference Guide (GRG) is a handy, pocket sized book packed with all the essential syntax, hints, tips and ‘gotchas’ design engineers need to know. It presents answers to the questions most often asked during practical application of the language in an easy-to-use reference format, making it the ideal project companion.

“With a new and constantly evolving language like SystemC, you need every trick in the book to learn best practice and good coding style” says John Aynsley, Doulos Technical Director. “The SystemC Golden Reference Guide encapsulates language and application issues together in an accessible format; it’s ideal for engineers embarking on evaluation studies or pilot projects with SystemC. Just as we have found with our VHDL and Verilog guides, I am sure these will be permanently open on engineers desks.”

Doulos has been heavily involved in the implementation of the SystemC language right from its earliest release. The first company to offer a European training schedule in SystemC, Doulos has made a commitment to support engineers using SystemC through the ongoing development of their materials, courses and project services.

The SystemC Golden Reference Guide is included in the training materials for the following Doulos courses: Comprehensive SystemC, Modular SystemC and SystemC using CoCentric® System Studio. Golden Reference Guides can also be purchased separately by calling Doulos on +44 (0) 1425 471223 or by ordering online.

SystemC™ Golden Reference Guide
ISBN 0-9537280-2-1
£30 / €50 / $50 (volume discounts available)
Marcomms contact: Rob Pratt / +44 (0) 1425 471223 /

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