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Full support for Synopsys CoCentric® family of tools on SystemC course

March 2002|Press release

Available across Europe for onsite or team-based training and led by instructors from the Doulos SystemC team, Doulos now offers a SystemC course that fully supports the use of Synopsys CoCentric® System Studio, the new SystemC simulator from Synopsys.

In an intensive five-day hands-on format, Synopsys users can learn how to model and synthesise with SystemC while practising the system design flow in the context of CoCentric® tools. The course is built on proven SystemC training modules from Doulos and is suitable for both systems and hardware designers. The course covers SystemC fundamentals, more advanced abstraction and refinement methods-including transaction level modelling and its support within CoCentric® System Studio-and the modelling of hardware for synthesis using Synopsys’ SystemC Compiler.

“This course, with specific support for CoCentric® System Studio, will enable design teams to leverage the capabilities of both SystemC and Synopsys tools more quickly and effectively,” said Johannes Stahl, director of marketing and applications for System Level Design at Synopsys.
“The recent release of a new SystemC simulator from Synopsys is a significant step toward the continued adoption and use of SystemC for system level design and verification,” said Rob Hurley, managing director for Doulos. “This new class will enable us to deliver the critical SystemC training requirements Synopsys customers need.”

Doulos schedules public SystemC courses regularly in the UK, France, Germany and The Netherlands. Customer specific training can be organised worldwide. For further information contact Rob Pratt on +44 (0) 1425 471223.

Marcomms Contact: Rob Pratt,, +44 (0)1425 471223

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