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March 2014|Press release

Doulos is delighted to introduce Live Online Instructor-Led Training providing full-scope programs for Xilinx® Vivado® adoption and unique ARM® training for the Zynq® All Programmable™ SoC.

As technology businesses strive to get ahead of their competition, Doulos is focussed on extending the spectrum of training options to provide access to expert knowledge and skills where and when it’s needed.

Recognising the increasing demands on engineers to maximise their time commitment to projects BUT still stay fully up-to-date with the latest technology developments, Doulos has carefully put together and road-tested an online training environment that is fully accessible using standard internet technology.

“It’s important that, as a leading-edge technology training business, we provide our customers with the flexibility to choose a learning environment that best suits the needs of their engineering teams and business practices,” says Doulos CEO, Rob Hurley. “Thanks to significant advances in online learning technology, we can provide a practical and effective alternative to our world-renowned, face-to-face delivery that enables engineers to get the training they need and stay in touch with their regular work commitments.”

By combining the use of a tried and tested online delivery platform, that provides a consistently reliable, interactive learning experience, with expertly adapted courses, Doulos is able to offer closely comparable learning outcomes to traditional classroom-based training. 

With delegates being able to directly interact with the expert instructor (and collaborate with other delegates) as well as gain practical, hands-on device experience through virtual labs, and access supplemental learning resources for further reinforcement, the online learning environment encourages fully immersive engagement without the cost of travelling for training and time isolated from project work. 

A recent live online Vivado training attendee commented:

“It was BY FAR the best online training I have ever attended... the trainer was experienced, comfortable and interesting (even on an audio link). The tools were easy and effective to use, and the remote desktop worked great. I attended the entire 4 sessions accessing via the 3G access point in my phone, and had no bandwith problems.”
Martin Milter, Field Applications Engineer – Silica

The development is welcomed by the Xilinx training management team.

“We are delighted that an industry-leading training company like Doulos is involved in pioneering Online Instructor-Led Training,” says Stuart Elston, Senior Manager Global Training Services, “it will really help provide greater flexibility and accessibility to the knowledge and skills engineers need to make the most effective use of Xilinx All Programmable technology.”

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About Doulos

A Xilinx Authorized Training Provider, Doulos has been delivering FPGA-specific VHDL training since 1997, and Xilinx-specific training and FPGA design project services since 1999. Doulos has developed a reputation for instigating co-operative solutions with other Xilinx ATPs, Xilinx distributors and account managers to ensure our customers benefit from the best possible training and support solutions wherever they are located.
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