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September Workshop - Maximizing the Potential of Versal AI Engines

September 2023|Event

Doulos is pleased to announce this online workshop in collaboration with AMD, Faster Technology and Core|Vision.

This free workshop (delivered in 2 half day sessions) explores the Versal AI Engine from AMD, including programming models for scalar and vector datatypes, as well as single kernel programming and the use of APIs to help you maximise performance, vector processing and throughput.

This workshop will cover the following agenda topics:

  • Versal adaptive SoC Architecture Overview
  • Versal AI Engine Architecture and Interfaces
  • Versal AI Engine Memory and Data Movement
  • Scalar and Vector Data Types
  • AI Engine APIs Overview
  • AI Engines APIs for Arithmetic Operations
  • Window, Buffers and Streaming Data APIs
  • System Design Flow
  • The Programming Model using Scalar or Data Types

With thanks to AMD for sponsoring this workshop it is available to attend FREE OF CHARGE