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May 2021|News

Doulos is pleased to announce training dedicated to Formal Verification.

Essential Formal Verification is intended for anyone looking for a solid, thorough, practical grounding in formal verification, including the principles, procedures, tricks, and rules-of-thumb.

Doulos VP of Engineering, Sam Bascal, says:
"Cutting through superficial detail, this course teaches the underlying concepts of formal verification in a way that would be applicable whichever formal verification tool you use. We're delighted to introduce this training that provides everything engineers need to know and understand in order to start using formal for their verification projects."

The training is available as 4 sessions live online (and will also be available as a 2 day in-person course) and includes state-of-the-art features that are found in many current commercial tools and formal techniques that are equally applicable in any tool environment.

View the full online course description and schedule here: