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March 2020|Press release

A message from Robert Hurley, Doulos CEO


For this generation we are facing an unparalleled societal challenge at this time.

First of all, the thoughts and prayers of the Doulos team are with those who are suffering, whether near or far, from the impact of this global epidemic.

As a team accustomed to operating from different countries and regions we are committed to assist and support our customers wherever they are, as effectively and flexibly as possible during this period.

With so many engineering teams now required to work remotely from each other, we realize that the vital training and support necessary for good project outcomes can be more challenging to access and organize.

To address this, we are significantly expanding our Live Online* training class offerings; and increasing their overall frequency within our schedule. As such, all in-person training courses scheduled at regional training centers in Europe and North America have been transferred to Live Online* format until the end of June.

Check out the new schedule of Live Online classes here »

Customer-specific 'onsite' training programs, that were already committed, have also been moved to remote instruction. And going forward, there's no need for essential training for your complete team to be delayed. We can continue to provide and arrange custom training for your teams and deliver these as Live Online* classes tuned to your project needs and timeframe. Please reach out to your local Doulos contact to discuss your needs.

The Doulos Technical Staff also stand by to assist at any time via our HelpDesk for any customers with technical queries related to the scope of our training portfolio.

Please note that the foregoing schedule from July for in-person courses will be reviewed nearer to the time and will be in line with the local and national government guidelines in place at that time.

Stay safe and stay well; look out for others.

Rob Hurley
Doulos CEO


*PLEASE NOTE: Doulos training courses can be delivered ONLINE in real-time with customers attending remotely from any location. The only requirements to attend are access to a computer with reasonable internet connectivity. For team trainings that have custom requirements, Doulos Operations provide direct hands-on support for set-up prior to broadcast.

A Doulos Live Online class follows a similar agenda and format to its associated in-person class. The Doulos expert instructor presents in real-time and the Doulos platform enables full Q&A interaction for the class attendees. Personal tutor supervision and support is provided during hands-on labs which are performed using industry-leading tools in the cloud.

The Doulos Live Online capability uses a training platform developed over the last 5 years and deployed in many different customer contexts. It supports all the vital elements of presentation, interaction and practice to deliver the targeted learning outcomes and ensure full project readiness.

See here for fuller details »