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Doulos Sponsors Verification Futures Conference in Austin, US

September 2023|Event

Doulos is delighted to support Verification Futures 2023 USA - the conference that's dedicated to discussing the challenges faced in hardware verification.

Now in its 11th successful year in the UK, Verification Futures is coming to Austin, Texas for the first time on Thursday, September 14, with both in-person and online access. Register (FREE) here »

The full conference program includes 17 talks covering verification challenges and solutions, formal verification, RISC-V, SystemVerilog, UVM for AMS Verification, and VHDL Verification. View complete agenda »

Doulos Senior Member Technical Staff, Doug Smith, will be presenting two sessions:

What Can Formal Do For Me? 
We know formal can prove things, but where do we apply it? Did you know you can use formal to generate simulation testbenches for covering coverage holes or have it visualize your design without writing a single line of testbench code? Formal can be used for identifying metastability, X propagation, fault propagation and detection, equivalence, and so much more. In this tutorial, we'll have a look at the many ways formal helps out your design verification process. Read full description »

Using Non-Determinism with Formal 
The use of non-determinism with formal is how formal is able to manage large state spaces and still arrive at a quick solution. Non-determinism plays a part in writing our formal constraints, formal targets, and formal abstractions. In this tutorial, we'll explain what non-determinism is, how it's used, and show lots of examples so you can take advantage of non-determinism in verifying your designs. Read full description »

Find out more and register (FREE) for Verification Futures Conference 2023 USA »

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