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Migrating to the Vitis Embedded Software Development IDE ONLINE WORKSHOP

Standard Level - 2 sessions (4 hours per session including breaks)

With thanks to AMD for sponsoring this workshop:
It is available to attend FREE OF CHARGE (Usual price $990) 

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The Versal™ adaptive SoC from AMD is multi-featured, offering unprecedented system level performance and integration. 

This free workshop examines the tools and techniques required for software design and development using the Vitis unified software platform from AMD, with emphasis on:

- Reviewing the basics of using the Vitis platform
- Migrating existing SDK projects to the Vitis platform

  • Existing embedded developers using SDK tools from AMD for software development


  • C or C++ programming experience, including general debugging techniques
  • Conceptual understanding of embedded processing systems as it relates to the AMD ecosystem (specifically writing and modifying scripts, user applications, and boot loader operation).

After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Develop and deploy an application on an embedded system from AMD using the Vitis unified software platform
  • Migrate an existing SDK project to the Vitis platform

Workshop Agenda

  • Overview of Embedded Software Development – Overview of the process for building a user application. 
  • Driving the Vitis Software Development Tool – Introduces the basic behaviors required to drive the Vitis tool to generate a debuggable C/C++ application. 
  • Migrating from SDK to the Vitis Platform – Overview of migrating existing AMD SDK projects to Vitis software development projects 
  • Standalone Software Platform Development and Coding Support – Covers the various software components, or layers, supplied by AMD that aid in the creation of low-level software. Also the basic services (libraries) available. 
  • Linux Software Application Development Overview – Highlights important parts of the underlying Linux system as it pertains to applications. 
  • Building a Linux Application in the Vitis IDE – Reviews the use of the Vitis tool for Linux software development. 
  • System Debugger – Describes the basics of actually running a debugger and illustrates the most commonly used debugging commands. 
  • Profiling Overview – Introduces the purpose and techniques for profiling a user application.

This workshop is delivered in two 4 hour sessions of interactive training comprising presentations with Q&A.

  • EurAsia start time each day
    • 0830 GMT | 0930 CET | 1400 IST
  • Americas start time each day 
    • 0830 PST | 1030 CST | 1130 EST
  • There will be some short breaks during  the training 
  • There are no specific hardware requirements for this workshop, please check your connection with GoToWebinar here if you have not used it to attend a Doulos event before.

FREE OF CHARGE sponsored by AMD

Please contact us for further details »

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