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Essential C++ for SystemC ONLINE

Standard Level - 4 sessions (4 hours per session)

PLEASE NOTE: This is a LIVE INSTRUCTOR-LED training event delivered ONLINE.

It covers the same scope and content as a scheduled in-person class and delivers comparable learning outcomes.


The 4-session Essential C++ for SystemC course is the first module of the 8-session Comprehensive SystemC training course. It is usually attended as part of the 8-session course. To find out whether this course is suitable for you, please email us or add a query to the course enquiry form below.

This course module takes engineers who have a basic knowledge of the C programming language and gives them a fast-track way to acquire a good grounding in C++, which is an essential foundation for learning SystemC.

The workshops are based around carefully designed exercises to reinforce and challenge the extent of learning, and comprise approximately 50% of class time. Delegates can use the tools and platform of their choice on all exercises and workshops.

Engineers who wish to learn the C++ language features necessary to master SystemC, including:

  • people with no previous knowledge of C++
  • those with a limited understanding of Modern C++
  • hardware engineers familiar with VHDL or Verilog®
  • The C++ language features necessary to master SystemC
  • Object-oriented programming techniques as used by the SystemC class libraries
  • Modern C++ features used in IEEE-1666-2023 (SystemC 3.0)

Delegates need basic knowledge of the C programming language, in particular familiarity with C functions, variables, data types, operators, and statements. This module is suitable for people with no previous knowledge of C++, as a refresher for those with a limited understanding of Modern C++, or for hardware engineers familiar with VHDL or Verilog®.

Please contact Doulos direct to discuss and assess your specific experience against the pre-requisites.

Doulos training materials are renowned for being the most comprehensive and user friendly available. Their style, content and coverage is unique in the EDA training world, and has made them sought after resources in their own right. Fees include

  • Fully indexed class notes creating a complete reference manual
  • Workbook full of practical examples and solutions to help you apply your knowledge
  • Doulos SystemC Golden Reference Guide e-book for language, syntax, semantics and tips

If you would prefer a paperback version of your Doulos Golden Reference Guide, this can be purchased from the Doulos online shop.

From C to C++

Header files • Function overloading • Operator overloading • Pass-by-reference • const reference • Default arguments • I/O streams • Namespaces • Stream manipulators • Stream operator overloading • Standard string class • Stringstreams • Static, automatic, and dynamic storage • new and delete • attributes

Classes and Objects

Learn the principles of object-based design • Classes and objects • Inline members versus separate compilation • Public and private class members • Member functions • Scope resolution 

Special Member Functions

Constructors • Destructors • Copy constructors • Initialization versus assignment • Pointers versus objects • The assignment operator • this • Constant objects and members 


Learn to make the most of the built-in standard classes • The C++ standard library • Vectors versus arrays • Common vector operations • Iterators 


Class relationships • Subobjects versus pointers • Initializing members • Initializing const members 


Learn to exploit the power of object-oriented programming • Derived classes • Inheritance • Protected members • Up- and down-casting 

Virtual Functions

Delve deeper into object-oriented programming techniques • Overriding methods • Virtual functions • Polymorphism • Identifying types at run-time • Examples from SystemC • Abstract base classes 

Templates and Conversions

Advanced C++ features used in the SystemC class libraries • Function templates • Class templates • Examples from SystemC • Implicit conversions • User-defined conversions 

Extra Features

Friends • Static members • Order of initialization • Multiple inheritance • Exceptions

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Course Dates

11 Jun 2024 ONLINE EurAsia Enquire

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