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Modular SystemC

Customized In-house Training Options

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Modular SystemC fulfils the need for customized team-based training at your site.

Don't see the course you want in our SystemC portfolio? Want us to deliver custom SystemC or TLM-2.0 training tuned to your precise needs? We can mix-and-match material from the following list of courses and modules (or, indeed, from any other course in our portfolio if that's what you really need):


  • Essential C++ for SystemC
  • Fundamentals of SystemC
  • Comprehensive SystemC
  • SystemC Modeling using TLM-2.0
  • SystemC Verification (SCV)

Based on these modules, team-based and in-house training can be customised to fit the content, scope and duration needed to best-fit a specific customer requirement. Effective use of SystemC for modeling requires a 3-step learning path to acquire the necessary skills. A fourth module is available for engineers wishing to use SystemC for verification.


  • Step 1 - Essential C++ for SystemC (2 days) takes engineers who have a basic knowledge of the C programming language and gives them a fast-track way to acquire a good grounding in C++, which is an essential foundation for learning SystemC. Essential C++ for SystemC provides the minimal level of C++ knowledge required to learn SystemC. Some of our customers decide to use their SystemC training as an opportunity to learn C++ in more depth, in which case we can extend this module to provide 3, 4, or 5 days of C++ training.

  • Step 2 - Fundamentals of SystemC (3 days) builds on the foundation laid by Essential C++ for SystemC to prepare the engineer for the practical use of SystemC for transaction-level modelling. The class describes the core SystemC 2.2 / 2.3 class library and its application for system modelling, transaction-level modeling, and hardware implementation, and gives an introduction to TLM-2.0.

  • Step 3 - SystemC Modeling Using TLM-2.0 (3 days) builds on the foundation laid by Fundamentals of SystemC to provide a detailed and in-depth understanding of the TLM-2.0 standard. This is a specialist course taught by industry experts that will be of great value to individuals or teams that have made the commitment to use TLM-2.0. Those wanting a shorter introduction to TLM-2.0 should attend Fundamentals of SystemC.

Doulos has a world-wide lead in independent SystemC know-how having been active in SystemC-based methods since 2000. We have delivered SystemC training and support to engineers in more than 170 companies world-wide - including direct involvement with methodology and tool developers in such companies as Arm, Cadence, Mentor Graphics and Synopsys. Modular SystemC has been developed by the authors of the IEEE Std 1666™ SystemC® Language Reference Manual.

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